Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Perfume Favorites for January 2014

I'm back on a Chanel kick, and my current signature is the Green Floral No. 19 Eau de Parfum. I love the parfum and eau de toilette, too, but this EDP smells particularly honeyed and dewy-green fresh to me. Based on this advertising image I found (see below), I guess I'm a daring personality type because I like this scent. I knew Green lovers were associated with being assertive, so I'm happy to be pigeonholed for once, as a leader-type personality in the most positive way.

Contrary to some opinions on classification, Chanel No.19 is not a Chypre; it doesn't smell like one, and with the exception of a few special perfumes (Guerlain Chamade, for instance, although I haven't worn it lately), I don't care for most chypre perfumes. Chanel No.19 is a fresh and springlike scent, rich yet light and uplifting in character. Chypres for the most part smell perfumier than No.19--for example, Cristalle is a chypre by Chanel. It's a rich and complex scent, seemingly light but not as sharp and fresh as No.19 which is brisk, sporty and sweet but sparklingly sharp and hesperidic in feel, minimalist and almost masculine by comparison.

As with my often fast and hard-edged musical taste, I feel that few share my olfactive preferences. I like other brisk scents like Creed Spring Flower and Nina by Nina Ricci, both characterized by cool, green notes of apple. Feminine fragrances are by far my favorites overall, but I sometimes have a preference for fragrances for Men and those shared by both Women and Men such as 4711, Guerlain Vetiver and Metallica (Metalys). Many women like masculines, but not many are buying Gris Clair for themselves.

For what it's worth, it's been an elucidating journey to follow only my true preferences at any given time. All in all, my preference is still fairly wide open, although my current list is short and sweet. It's been a little while since I posted my last fragrance list, but let's get this party started. These are my most worn fragrances this month so far:
1. Chanel No.19 Eau de Parfum
2. Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto
3. Nina by Nina Ricci
4. Guerlain Metallica