Saturday, January 04, 2014

PETA giving out mink coats to Detroit’s homeless women

Are you the kind of person who should be allowed to wear fur coats that already exist out of necessity? Are you the kind that deserves to have your belongings ruined with red paint so someone in more dire need than you can make better use of them? PETA can decide for you. From NY Daily News: "Fur-loathing PETA is handing out mink coats to Detroit’s homeless as harsh temperatures in the Motor City dip below freezing. The animal advocacy group, which says “only people who are truly struggling to survive have any excuse to wear fur,” dropped off 100 donated furs to the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries on Monday in partnership with the Bethlehem House, a local women’s group." Continue reading: PETA giving out mink coats to Detroit’s homeless women - Donated furs found new lives with Detroit’s homeless women this week. And the gift came from an unlikely donor: PETA. The animal rights group often distributes furs at homeless shelters, after they’re donated from women who have gone fur-free. By Rheana Murray / New York Daily News, December 17, 2013