Thursday, February 27, 2014

From Uganda to Russia, Homophobia Spreading Worldwide

From Newsweek: "Harassment, discrimination and death threats are nothing new for Valende and other LGBT Ugandans. Sometimes even worse. In 2011, David Kato, an openly gay Ugandan and another member of the country’s small LGBT activist community, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer.

"Uganda’s new law, which for the first time criminalizes homosexual relations between women and includes provisions that could put convicted homosexuals in prison for life, has been on the table since 2009. But its passage now comes amid a rising tide of aggressive homophobia.

"And not just in Uganda.

"Last month Nigeria passed a law that, among other restrictions on homosexual behavior, bans same-sex public displays of affection. Last year Russia introduced laws outlawing “homosexual propaganda.” And India’s Supreme Court last month reinstated a law banning gay sex in a move that outraged rights advocates who had been celebrating gains made over the past five years..." Read the article: From Uganda to Russia, Homophobia Spreading Worldwide By Max Strasser, Newsweek, 2/27/14