Thursday, March 13, 2014

J Pop America Funtime Now!

OMG, these SNL skits are funny! I can't believe I missed them all when they aired. BTW, I don't find J Pop fans annoying or racist at all. I think it's sweet that people find positive things about Japanese culture and learn the language to better understand it. The fact that Yumiko Igarashi's Candy Candy was mentioned is awesome in and of itself. Seriously, I'm impressed by how much more accurate the accent has gotten; in fact, when I do some of my "Japanese accent" voice-overs, I sound just like that! I'm telling you, Hollywood hasn't caught up yet.


SNL J Pop America Funtime Now!

SNL J Pop Funtime Now! with Jamie Foxx

SNL J Pop America Funtime Now! with Katy Perry