Saturday, May 17, 2014

May Top 10 Fragrance Favorites List

I have a whole new list of Top 10 favorites perfumes in May, thanks to unearthing a bunch of fragrances I had stored away last year. My changing taste also has to do with rising temperatures in general, but it's really nice to rediscover old favorites like I just got them all over again. What's more, I'm wearing vintage perfumes again, so many beauties I'm grateful to own. Does the changing season do the same thing to you?

Oh yes, it's prom season for those of you that are attending. Will you wear a formal scent or a casual favorite? Perhaps you'll get something new for the occasion. This year, I'm turning into a parent of a teenager, so I'll have all the joys and worries associated with those milestone events soon enough.

I'm wearing scents I didn't used to, such as Caswell-Massey White Rose which I thought was too heavily musk-laden, and Guerlain Eau Imperiale which I perceived as sharp but now it's as sweet and refreshing as 4711--indeed they're so very similar. My shifting taste could very well have to do with age, though I prefer to blame the weather. Have a great weekend!

Here's what I'm wearing these days:

May Top 10

1. Giorgio Armani Armani Code
2. Guerlain Chamade parfum (both vintage and new)
3. Paco Rabanne Calandre (both Calandre and Eau de Calandre, also vintage and new)
4. Guerlain L'Instant
5. Yves Saint Laurent Cinema
6. Caswell-Massey White Rose
7. Givenchy III
8. Guerlain Eau Imperiale
9. Cartier Delices Eau Fruitee
10. Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit rollerball