Sunday, May 04, 2014

MBTI: Being an INxJ means I'm an INTJ today, INFJ on other days

Let's start with an announcement, because it's confirmation of how I've assessed myself time and time again. Today, I'm an INTJ according to Humanmetrics. My Thinking preference was "marginal to no preference" at 1% over Feeling. To be sure, I messed around with the nosy demographic questions, and being male or female and being different age groups didn't change my result. Today, that is.

Now, a quick recap: It's been an amazing journey up to this point, until I finally realized that the things you like are the greatest indication of your preferred type. We might not necessarily like people who like the same things we like, but we can find some kinship through shared preferences such as humor. We also tend to prefer likeminded people, like musicians might feel at ease around other musicians more than lawyers (not that people can't be both). All along while testing INFJ or INTJ, I didn't understand why I didn't feel like other F types and I shared common senses of humor or musical tastes. I'm generalizing, of course, but I found myself less at home on their forums and Twitter timelines than on the T side, namely INTJ and INTP. I believe the definitive factor in the end was knowing that my Ni is in fact stronger than my preference for Ne. I could only be an INTJ or INFJ.

I think women are pidgeonholed into being Feeling types more often than we're aware. Thinking isn't a more masculine quality; it has to do with how we rationalize. For example, with a question like whether I trust reason or feelings more, I know they are interconnected; I feel a certain way because something is incongruent with my principles. In fact I feel strongly, and consider it a gift that my feelings can alert me to trouble. Do I still see this type of reasoning as proof of my preference for reason? Yes. Can rational people still be taken advantage of because we can rationalize feelings away even as we feel strongly? Maybe all the more, and that's what makes me cautious sometimes.

I think being proud is the wrong choice of words. For me, I'm glad I'm the type I am, because the way I prefer to think helps me deal with the ways that I feel. Does that make sense? "Mind over matter" pretty much sums up my type. You have preferred ways of bringing comfort into your world; analyzing everything to bits till I get the big picture is mine.

One more thing for today: Being a Judging type doesn't mean I can't improvise. I find I'm largely impromptu most of the time. I just prefer there to be no surprises, and I try to make it so there aren't, fully knowing there will always be.

Ok, one more thing: I like objective truth but not 100% of the time! Geez, I'm not immune to romance, good relationships, kindness, politeness and all that.