Thursday, May 01, 2014

No More Nail Polish Removers: You Can Use Perfume!

Happy first day of May! You might already know that I've been on a journey trying to figure out the best, safest way to enjoy my new nail polish hobby, and that I've discovered some neat tricks along the way. How exciting it is for me to announce yet another nail polish remover that's less drying and less of a worry to have in the house than acetone and acetone-free products. It turns out I don't need to keep buying expensive natural soy nail polish removers anymore, either. Guess what? Alcohol works, and so does alcohol-based perfume. Well, I just happen to have some perfumes on hand--an entire wardrobe, to be exact. Will they double as functional products? Talk about a blessing in disguise! To see just how well perfume works, I ran an at-home experiment with 10 different products, 8 of which are perfumes, and also with ethyl alcohol and apple cider vinegar just to see.

Most of the 10 products I used were effective in removing nail polish off my fingernails, so here's the run down from the most useable to the least:

1. Jil Sander No.4 Eau de Parfum: This is the first perfume I randomly chose to test, and it worked like a charm. It left my nail shiny, and I could feel the perfume oil in the blend moisturizing my hand as I used it. It didn't take much effort in terms of having to scrub, either. It's very perfumey-smelling, especially in large amounts, but hey. Four stars! ****

2. Guerlain L'Instant Eau de Parfum: I was so hoping this would work because I love the scent and have been wearing it frequently, so I was tickled pink to see how effective it was. This one also left my nail in good shape while it took off the varnish relatively easily, and moisturized while doing its work. Four stars! ****

3. Calvin Klein IN2U Eau de Toilette: This one also worked well, even though it's an EDT. The scent is citric and pleasant, like how a fancy nail polish remover should smell--clean and fresh. I'm glad I got the big, honkin' bottle after all. Four stars! ****

4. Creed Spring Flower Eau de Parfum: I didn't want to use such a high end perfume as varnish remover, but it works, which I'm happy about because it's been my go-to scent for years. I had to use a bit more of it because it took a bit more effort to get the polish off, so even though the scent is four stars ****, as a functional item, three stars. ***

5. Serge Lutens Un Lys Eau de Parfum: Here again, I sacrificed a bit too much of the high end fragrance to get the varnish off my nail, so even though it's effective, I give it three stars. ***

6. Britney Spears Fantasy Eau de Parfum: I need to retest this one, because I thought it worked very well, but maybe I felt it was a tiny bit drying. Three stars. ***

7. Chanel No. 19 Eau de Parfum: This one worked fast, but it was also a bit drying. I need to test it again. Three stars. ***

8. Ethyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol): The least expensive product that was effective for removing nail polish was also very drying. It started to make the top layer of my nail peel, so I won't use it again without oils to counterbalance the drying effect. But what's important is that IT WORKS! This could be what customers use at Sephora to remove polish. Two stars. **

9. Jean Nate Body Splash: I have a huge bottle of this stuff, too, and I thought the combination of it being relatively inexpensive and lemony-smelling would make this my ultimate choice, but it dried out my nail so fast, I saw it peel off the top layer before my eyes. It works fast, though. 1 star. *

10. Apple cider vinegar: Doesn't work at all. Zero stars.

I used these products to remove three coats of creme nail polish; I have no idea how well they would work to remove glitter polishes. I will see if the harsh Jean Nate works best for stubborn polishes. All in all, alcohol is still drying not only to nails but hands, so I would use moisturizer or oils of some kind when removing polish.

I hope you'll catch me on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, and share your thoughts on these ideas, or any nail polish-removing secrets you may have!