Saturday, May 31, 2014

Use Nail Polish as Nail Polish Remover? It Works

As I get older, dry hands become more of a pressing issue. I have stopped using acetone and non-acetone removers, temporarily switching to a soy product, perfume, and pure rubbing alcohol, and found I liked the alcohol the best but it eventually got too drying, not for my skin but the nails themselves. Well, here's my new solution: I put a sheer, light-colored polish over existing polish on my nails, gently rub the wet polish off with a paper towel, repeat as needed, concentrating on the cuticle area and the sides to get all of the old paint off, and voila, healthy nails and non-dried up hands and fingers. It's not the quickest solution but the best one so far. One thing is certain; ever since I left nail polish removers behind, my hands have not had a problem with dryness. That makes me happy.