Thursday, June 05, 2014

My June Top 8 Fragrance Favorites

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It's gotten warm in NYC, and I'm on a citrus top note kick. Yves Saint Laurent Cinema, which has been my #1 go-to for a while, features a succulent mandarin orange note; Fragonard Eau Fantasque (where has this been all my life?!) is a lovely and refreshing Fruity Floral with a beautifully blended and subtle grapefruit note. Helmut Lang parfum is a heavy musk uplifted by a tiny pinch of bergamot and mandarin orange each, while L'Instant de Guerlain boasts a unique top note called "citrus honey" paired fabulously with "crystalline amber". Creed Spring Flower is my staple lemon-fresh yet spring green-appley and lusciously melony-peachy pink and posh perfume, and the sporty, aqueous Cool Water is a cornucopia of fruits incorporating citrus with pineapple, melon and quince. Armani Code, which has started to feel a bit too densely sweet, is a melange of orange blossom with blood orange to accentuate the candied citric sweetness added to a heap of powdered sugar.

I'm not wearing Prada for Men too often, but since Fred isn't keen on wearing anything but the uberlight 4711 these days, I can rock the pleasant shared scent with notes of mandarin, bergamot and neroli. The 3 perfumes I wear most often these days are the top 3 on my June list. Happy what's left of Spring, dolls!

June Top 8:

1. Yves Saint Laurent Cinema
2. Fragonard Eau Fantasque
3. L'Instant de Guerlain
4. Helmut Lang parfum
5. Giorgio Armani Armani Code
6. Davidoff Cool Water
7. Prada Amber pour Homme
8. Creed Spring Flower