Saturday, June 21, 2014

The D&D Character Alignment Test

My friends (in this case, all guys) back in the day were into a role-playing game called Dungeons and Dragons, aka D&D. It lost popularity after people started saying it was a dangerous pretend game because some people, particularly young people, couldn't separate fantasy from reality. My pals invited me to play, and I started to but gave it up when I realized the game didn't make much sense to me. Today I came across the Character Alignment system; lo and behold, this personality assessment that looks a lot like the Myers Briggs or Enneagram is unique because it assigns evil roles as potential characters to play, whereas the other tests leave the concept of any type being actually good or evil out.

So I took the Alignment Test from and scored as a True Neutral. I thought I'd be a Chaotic Neutral because someone on Twitter is both a Chaotic Neutral and an INTJ, but no, I'm not anarchist enough to embody what sounds to me like libertarian values.

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Image source: Baldur's Gate