Tuesday, July 22, 2014

IEI INFp (Lyricist/Romantic) Introverted Ethical Intuitive

Sergei Yesenin, IEI INFp

So, this Socionics description of the IEI INFp Lyricist/Romantic type (INFJ in MBTI) seems to describe me very accurately, but why is my personality type like that of someone who killed himself? (Reference: See Wikipedia's page on Socionics). Marilyn Monroe was supposedly another IEI; not exactly non-self-destructive, are we? I also don't get how my "dual", the ESTP, is either the best or worst match depending on which site I visit. It all comes down to theory, but I know one thing; Socionics can be helpful in choosing a type if, like me, you're on a cusp like INxJ.