Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Socionics Subtype LII INTj-Ne

Maybe I spoke too soon, as I do so often, jumping to conclusions and fast decisions as intuitive Ni types tend to do, and I'm not a Socionics EII INFj Ethical Intuitive Introvert but a subtype of the LII INTj Logical Intuitive Introvert. I read on Wikipedia tonight that a study revealed there are four common MBTI types for musicians: INFP (most common), INFJ, INTJ and INTP. Of course there must be musicians of every type (I personally know jazz musicians that I thought were NT types like the ones I know, but that were actually SJ), but it seems to indicate to a certain degree the overlap between these four types, at least from the perspective of a musician who's both left-brained (rational) but also creative/intuitive, traits more often associated with the right side of the brain. They say musicians have increased corpus callosum size, helping the two hemispheres of the brain work together. Emotions are everything in music, but playing a musical instrument is a highly logical function as well. It becomes clearer, then, that a type like the INFJ which is both rational and ethical is possible. In Socionics, those four MBTI types correspond roughly to IEI, EII, LII and ILI, all of which I've either typed on Socionics tests or have been typed as being by a socionist. At least my results are consistent between the MBTI and Socionics; hopefully, using both systems will make it easier to pinpoint my type.

So if I'm not an EII INFj, IEI INFp or ILI INTp, the only type left for me is the LII INTj. It fits just about as well as the INFj, but the particular assessment of the Ne subtype is interesting. According to this article, Type and Subtype Descriptions by V. Meged, A. Ovcharov (from the16types.info where I tested IEI INFp, but anyway...), the INTj-Ne subtype is a RESEARCHER. Some points I agree with are that they appear strong-willed but are restrained, yet excitable during debates, tries to keep up with the times, cares about outer appearance. Subtype aside, the INTJ is a good fit in terms of my need for things and people to make sense. I do not believe rationality is subjective, but objective, as provable and real as the laws of logic. Finally, the INTJ in Myers-Briggs is known to be the type that most often self-types due to their independence. Being the most independent type, I can see how they would set out to learn the system enough to decide for themselves, although I see the value in asking someone for their impressions to get perspective from the outer world. In reality, no one can truly see themselves objectively enough. Still, the fact that I typed myself an INTJ is enough of a clue that I trust my own judgment enough to question the experts, for better or worse--indicative of the confident nature of the INTJ.

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