Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Socionics: Visual Arts-based Pattern Test

Exciting news! I've met in the online world a very knowledgeable person on Socionics - her name is Olga Tangemann, and she has developed a visual arts-based test for figuring out your Socionics type. You can take the Pattern Test at (You need to register first). Here is my result:

Superego-Id-Superid-Ego: The static profile characterizes the person from the perspective of the dichotomy statics-dynamics. This person is balanced on the dichotomies of rationality-irrationality and introversion-extraversion. But the element of dynamics is not sufficiently expressed in the structure of personality, which is partly due to the stability of psycho-physical states, stability of mood and temperament. Depending on which TPE is leading, the person compromises between striving to enjoy life to the full and a strong sense of public duty and responsibility for other people.

So, it seems I'm not only an INxJ in Myers-Briggs, but actually an INxx!! (Correction: Or does that translate to xNxx?) Olga so far believes my type is either EII Dostoevsky (INFj) or LII Robespierre (INTj); this matches my Pattern Test result perfectly. I'm not yet sure how an MBTI INFJ correlates to Socionics INFj, but she is the expert--I believe this will be clarified soon. I hope Olga can help me pinpoint my type once and for all. She has been very helpful in listening to my original music on my web site, breaking down each song into cognitive functions. Visit her open group on Facebook: Socionics International.