Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Socionix or Socionics is a Russian study of MBTI type personality which has a face recognition model. Socionics - Expressing Your Truth, April 27, 2013

Well, looking at the faces in the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma quadrants, I think I look like an INFJ (INFp in Socionics), even if I come up INTJ on Myers-Briggs tests. With my Thinking / Feeling at 1%, it seems I could go either way, but if I consider what people have told me about my face, that I have a look of sincerity in my eyes, I would match that description up with the INFJ (Beta IEI Romantic) face.

I had thought I was an INTJ who had lived my life as my ESFP opposite (anima/animus) in the entertainment field, being a singer-musician, former TV talent, voice over artist and an artistic person in general, but perhaps I'm just an INFJ who has always loved being creative, and fulfilled her path as an artistic, dramatic type from the get-go. I was also always the kid with pen and paper in hand.

As for my visceral reaction, I definitely like the soft INFJ face. However, I also like the sexy INTJ (Gamma ILI Critic) face very much.

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