Sunday, August 03, 2014

The 8 Colors of Fitness

I think this MBTI interpretation is awesome! The corresponding colors are well thought out.

Blues (ISTJ, ISFJ) are loyal, traditional, dependable, and straightforward. They are committed and conscientious; in other words, true blue.

Golds (ESTJ, ESFJ) are traditional and conservative, trusting authority and proven methods. The conventional color of achievement and recognition, once the standard for our currency, Gold is the obvious choice to represent them.

Reds (ESTP, ESFP) are quick responders with high energy. They’re where the action is. Red is the color that wakes us up, tells us when to stop, and directs us to what to look at.

Greens (ISTP, ISFP) are nature lovers who seek to quietly merge with the outdoors. What color but Green could better describe them?

Silvers (ENTP, ENFP) are energized by new ideas and possibilities, ready to reset their sights to embrace novel concepts and opportunities. Silver is the color of mercury—shiny, fluid, and changeable.

Saffrons (INTP, INFP) are strivers after clarity and seekers of truth. They’re represented by Saffron, an out-of-the-ordinary burnt orange hue that commands attention but in a warm and comfortable way, without glitz or extravagance.

Whites (INTJ, INFJ) are visionaries, with a connection to the unconscious that yields an endless stream of ideas and abstractions. A blank canvas exemplifies this type, pure white and receptive to the imagery of their creative mind.

Purples (ENTJ, ENFJ) are quick of step, outgoing and self-assured. The color Purple matches their regal bearing.


"I believe it is difficult to for so many people to maintain an exercise program because they try to exercise in a way that is incompatible with their personality. They are doomed from the start.” — Suzanne Brue

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