Monday, September 15, 2014

Star Wars MBTI

I finally saw The Return of the Jedi, and was able to get the gist of INTJ Palpatine's character apart from having seen a clip of him on You Tube (which, I must admit, made me laugh the first time I saw it). I'm not sure he is an INTJ character. Granted, personality isn't the same thing as character, since any personality type can be of a good or bad character. Emperor Palpatine is unequivocally evil in this film. His downfall was overconfidence, stereotypical of an INTJ archetype. However, his cold and calculated ways of manipulating those around him to win them over to his views seemed more NF, or perhaps E, to me. Perhaps I'm also influenced by the fact that he looks so much like Pope Benedict, complete with a slight German-like accent of sorts.