Thursday, October 09, 2014

Lili Bermuda South Water

A few months (or more) ago, I wanted to find a fresh laundry / linen scent that had a bit of citrus and something like vanilla in the mix, a seemingly cacophonic mixture of notes yet one that sounded wearable in a clean and unobtrusive way. I had forgotten about that desire, and moved onto other desires, my latest obsession with coconut being my strongest desire since. Well, when I received this sample, I didn't smell the coconut milk listed in the notes, but a musky, ozonic scent with something citric in it, with a sheer heart of white florals. It doesn't fulfill my lust for coconuts, but it's what I had hoped Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton would be, in fact being somewhere between that and the more properly perfumey and powdery Lise Watier Neiges.

According to the web site, "South Water is a blend of sun-drenched tangerine with ozone breeze, coconut milk, juicy guava, gardenia petals, cactus sap, sea salt and white musk."