Thursday, October 16, 2014

Socionics Associative Test

Take the Associative Test on Olga Tangemann's School of Associative Socionics web site! Although I was initially typed as an LII INTj, I took this test and came out an EII INFj. Olga says the reason I'm unclear about my type could be because I have a Superid subtype which might turn up as my typing as an LII, IEI or ILI. Maybe now, finally, I can be certain about being an EII type--even if whether that translates to my being an MBTI INFJ or INFP is still up in the air.

Edited to add on 10/27: It looks like my assessment is still LII INTJ. Also, Olga has explained clearly why a Socionics INTj is still an INTJ in MBTI. Check out the Socionics4you forum where she's started a thread for me. See you there!

Edited on 11/17: In an unexpected turn of events, it turns out Olga thinks an LII INTj is an INTP in MBTI after all. In any case, I'm a Logical Intuitive with Ti-Ne as leading functions.

Edited on 11/18: I'm still unclear on this point, and so I found a link to a discussion on this INTP forum where they were figuring out Why P=p, and J=j, which would be closer to Olga's original theory when I first joined her group. I hope I can sort this out soon, and finally settle my type.

Edited on 11/28: Olga has clarified this point succinctly by explaining that if we go by the dichotomies and not descriptions or models (or presumably introverted and extraverted cognitive functions such as Fe-Fi), we arrive at the same types in both Socionics and MBTI. I can see how this makes it easy to discuss types in both systems, as there is agreement on the type descriptions.

As for an LII being the equivalent of an MBTI INTP, I don't know why I hadn't read this before because I read Wikipedia a lot, but here it's stated on their Socionics page that the introverted types flip between J and P between the two systems, with the understanding that the two systems won't correlate 100%. So I guess that makes me an LII and an MBTI INTP. My official Myers-Briggs practitioner had assessed me by phone as an INTP (although I thought myself to be more INTJ).