Thursday, October 09, 2014

Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion

I got this body mist hoping it would smell like coconut but it's more like a creme brulee type of caramelly vanilla, similar to Sephora Vanilla body spray or Laura Mercier products. I suppose it's a good inexpensive alternative to Comptoir Sud Pacifique Caramel Sunset. It's not as heavy as the aforementioned, but for me, it's still a bit on the heavy and sweet side (perhaps the ambery color of the fragrance should have been an indication of it being a warm, definitively Oriental type of scent, along the lines of Chopard Casmir), strong for a body mist and not wearable on most days when I want something less ambery-creamy. I could get in the mood for this type of thing, although I prefer a cooler, somehow fluffier (thinking "Angel Food"), more ice cream-type of vanilla, but based on the name, a hint of coconut would've been nice.