Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Axe Essence

I didn't bother with a year end Top 10 fragrances list this year, so I hope you'll enjoy this last fragrance review of 2014. These body products supposedly double as fragrance. From what I have gathered, at least one of these scented deodorant sticks absolutely does, and smells like good old fashioned Brut! I can't confirm it's a Fougere but I laughed at the review on Basenotes that described Axe Essence as a scent for "troubled jocks". The notes for Axe Essence according to Basenotes are Green Apple, Crushed Leaves, Thyme and Fig Leaves. Musk was listed as a base on another site. Yes it's musky but also somewhat herbaceous and green, also slightly fruity sweet. It's a meeting of traditional masculinity and modern gourmand freshness, leaning towards the familiar such as Polo, Drakkar, Aramis and the aforementioned once drugstore staple. Skip the Chanel Bleu and use this.

Axe (aka Lynx) is a line of men's body products by Unilever. It's interesting how the logo with intertwined dragon and unicorn resembles a caduceus.

Medschool shirt logo by geargrinder, deviantart