Friday, December 26, 2014

Socionics LII-Ne INTj: The EII INFj mistype, Subtypes, Duality

Socionics Robespierre and Hugo by Aloira, deviantart

At long last I have my Socionics type, and Myers-Briggs type by default, even if the two systems don't exactly correlate. Between consultancy by Olga Tangemann, psychologist, socionist and founder of The School of Associative Socionics, the Reinin dichotomies and The Original Socionics Test at, I was able to see why I tested as a Feeling type as opposed to Logical for so long. Apparently, I'm an LII Logical Intuitive Introvert (INTj) with a Ne (extraverted Intuition) subtype (LII-2Ne) with a 99% likelihood of being typed as an EII Ethical Intuitive Introvert (INFj). That result corresponds perfectly with my MBTI result as an INxx (INTJ, INFJ, INTP, INFP). Since I was typed as an LII in Socionics and an INTP in MBTI (CAPT) both by professional consultants, I'd say these are my types (both LII INTj and MBTI INTP are Ti (introverted Thinking) types). Although we might know ourselves well, I believe there is value in objective assessments from the outside, because we can't always see ourselves that clearly. Just as we can be susceptible to the forer effect and believe we are what we are told, we can believe what we want based on beliefs we already hold (cognitive bias), and ignore our own blind spots for wanting to see ourselves the way we want. I think the truth is somewhere in between the subjective views of ourselves and others, and an objective truth that we can't completely grasp but absolutely exists--perhaps a logical way of perceiving existence.

As for the concept of duality (INTj Robespierre and ESFJ Hugo), I'm not sure if Keirsey had the right idea or not, that Intuitive types get along better with other Intuitives and the same for Sensing types, but there is something to the fact that there are a number of ENFJs in my life, a relatively rare type as mine also happens to be (both ESFJ and ENFJ are Fe (extraverted Feeling) types, but the Intuitive (N) type is rarer).

Update 2/24/2015: PINK MANHATTAN Socionics LII INTJ-Ti