Monday, February 09, 2015

My Valentine's Day nails (plus how to avoid nail polish remover)

I reported here and on my PINK MANHATTAN Tumblr nail blog that I stopped using nail polish remover because it was too drying for my fingers. Since I started removing nail polish with nail polish, I’ve solved this problem. However, I just learned that using a top coat to remove polish is also drying. Pictured here is NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat, but next time, I’ll try using a regular clear polish like NYC Grand Central Station to compare.

As for my Valentine’s Day nails, after much deliberation, I think I’m going with a French manicure with a clear coat instead of traditional pale pink. I used to find the look of a French manicure garish but it’s grown on me; I find that it can be clean and attractive if done right. I used tape for stencils but I think getting a white nail pen might make doing the tips even easier. Just when my nail blog couldn’t get more boring, I might have a bunch of sheer and clear polishes to show you soon.

Update: Read my review of NYC Grand Central Station posted on Feb. 11, 2015. I didn't try using it to take off my nail polish because I'd read that fast drying polishes are also drying for the skin.