Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Socionics LII INTJ-Ne

According to Olga Tangemann (School of Associative Socionics), I'm an LII-INTJ-Ne subtype. I asked her in her Associative Socionics Facebook group if I could be closer to a Ne or Ti subtype because the result of my Pattern Test came up as either or, giving me an overall reading of my Psychodynamic Profile as either an LII with a Static profile (ILE subtype) or Introverted (ILI subtype). I should add that LII is Olga's assessment of my basic type, based on online consultation, because my Associative Test result was actually EII INFJ. Back to subtypes, her assessment was that I'm more likely an intuitive Ne subtype (Static profile, Superego-Id) because I'm unsure between Ti and Fi (Thinking vs Feeling) functions but seem confident about being Intuitive over Sensing. This is true, even according to MBTI test results which indicated strong intuition, sometimes at 100% or close to it. So it's my intuition that has made me come up INFJ, since LII INTJ and EII INFJ are close types sharing the intuitive function.

So there you have it. Not that I mind being a Rational type, but after all this, I will probably still wonder why I'm a Thinking/ Logical type and not a Feeling/Ethical type, or at least why I don't look like a Feeling type to others.

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Added on 3/14/2015, the update of all updates! I'm an EII INFJ subtype EIE ENFJ! Take the Socionics Nonverbal Test