Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ormonde Jayne Frangipani, Champaca, Ta'if

Ormonde Jayne Frangipani, Champaca and Ta'if are three of my favorite fragrances in the stunning Ormonde Jayne Discovery set besides Orris Noir. The first two are the lightest, most liltingly floral offerings in the set, and are perfect for the upcoming spring. Of these, Frangipani is a distinctively flowery scent while Champaca is more of a fruity floral.

Frangipani: The white flowers presented here are not very sweet, but more of a crisp, clean white floral rendering. Well-tempered but characterized by a slightly spicy edge as most of the fragrances in the Ormonde Jayne line are, Frangipani could be a less musky, smidgen sweeter version of Kate Middleton's wedding perfume of soapy white flowers devoid of lush, tropical sensuality. There is instead a lily note that adds a feminine floralcy. My first impression was that it leaned green floral, which could be a combination of lily and lime blossom that I'm smelling. A faint fruit note is also present, which could be a creamy plumsicle.

Champaca is also not the heady scent you might expect from an exotic flower note, but an elegant fruity floral reminiscent of peaches and cream. It's not very sweet at all; Benefit Maybe Baby it is not, but the fruitiness I get is far from the official notes which include green tea and rice.

You might prefer one of the more plush, richer fragrances in the collection such as Tolu (which is powdery, spicy, relatively sweet, and reminds me of Fifi Chachnil or Houbigant Chantilly) or the gorgeous Ta'if, a warm and heady, beautiful blend of rose. If anyone remembers the scented body lotion I wished I could find in perfume form (the one I wrote made me think of Turkish Delight candies), the notes I believe were rose, orange blossom and ambery woods (sandalwood). It looks like I finally found that scent! Funny though, as I smell green tea in Ta'if...maybe that note I pick up on is a sort of tea rose--a sensual, edible one.