Sunday, May 24, 2015

Enneagram Type 4w5 The Individualist / Bohemian

I'm a 4w5 according to I don't remember if I took this quiz before, but I think this result makes more sense for me than an 8. 4w5 is an artistic type, while the 5 wing makes me a bit cerebral. It might not be enough to help me find my Socionocs or MBTI type definitively, but at least I can identify with my result as a creative person. (Edited with correct description) According to my result, some words that describe me are: principled, moralistic, perfectionist, self-critical, creative, unique, authentic, emotional, loyal, reliable, anxious, skeptical. Sorry, I can't paste the link with my full result here for some reason, but my tritype is 4w5, 6w5, 1w9.