Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Single Cell Shines New Light on How Cancers Develop

A Single Cell Shines New Light on How Cancers Develop by Gina Kolata, Jan. 28, 2016 The New York Times

IOC rules transgender athletes can take part in Olympics without surgery

"Transgender athletes should be allowed to compete in the Olympics and other international events without undergoing sex reassignment surgery, according to new guidelines adopted by the IOC.

"International Olympic Committee medical officials said on Sunday they changed the policy to adapt to current scientific, social and legal attitudes on transgender issues.

"(...)Under the new rules, an athlete transitioning to a woman must undergo hormone therapy and demonstrate that the total level of male testosterone in the blood has been below 10 nanomols per litre for at least a year prior to competing.

"The previous rule stated that, in addition to reassignment surgery, the athlete required a minimum of two years of hormone treatment.  How long it will take the athlete to reach the new cutoff limit will depend on individual cases, Ljungqvist said."  Read the article: IOC rules transgender athletes can take part in Olympics without surgery - Female-to-male athletes can compete ‘without restriction’, while male-to-female athletes must undergo hormone therapy, according to new guidelines.  By Associated Press, 24 January 2016 The New York Times

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The MIDI Association Launches at NAMM 2016

The MIDI Association Launches at NAMM 2016 by Markkus Rovito, January 20, 2016 Electronic Musician

Related article: "More than 30 years after establishing an international alliance of companies who develop MIDI products, the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) has launched a new initiative focused on people who use MIDI to create music and art. The new organization is called simply The MIDI Association (TMA).

"(...)The revamped mobile-friendly website will now become the central repository of information about anything related to MIDI technology, from classic legacy gear to next-gen protocols on the horizon." Read the article: Introducing The MIDI Association January 20, 2016, Keyboard Magazine

Women at Work: Jstor Daily Reads the News

"In the New York Times, Maureen Sherry shares some personal anecdotes, all-too-familiar to many of us, about her time as a rare female trader on Wall Street. She describes not just becoming “one of the boys” but also having to put up with targeted harassment and hazing-style pranks because of her gender; even worse, her acclimation to that culture.

"(...)In male-dominated professions, change has been slow, despite legislative and organizational efforts. Sherry says that trading firms, in fear of gender-discrimination accusations, have developed intricate contractual protections that have done nothing to fix either the pay gap or the glass-ceiling/elevator, or the cultures of initiation and performativity that workplace social networks enforce." Continue reading: Women at Work: Jstor Daily Reads the News by the editors, January 26, 2016 JSTOR

SNL Girls Meet Blerta

Watch Girls Meet Blerta From Saturday Night Live -

Ivanka Trump designs phone charging handbags for working women on the go

"Trump is not the only designer to launch a line of sophisticated chargeable handbags. In May 2015, Kate Spade teamed up with innovative start-up Everpurse to create a line of six bags that feature sewn-in charging docks compatible with iPhones 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus. The docks are hidden away in an interior pocket, so — much like Trump's bags — working women can seamlessly charge their phones and look good doing it." Read the article: Ivanka Trump designs phone charging handbags for working women on the go by Lindsay Lanquist, 2016-01-23 Mashable

What Neuroscience, Psychology, and Relationships Tell Us About Social Sharing

"What makes you stop scrolling through an article, open up a social media app and hit the share button?

"Is it logic, emotion, or something else?" Read the article: Why Do People Share What They Do? Here's What Neuroscience, Psychology, and Relationships Tell Us About Highly Sharable Social Content by Mridu Khullar Relph, August 15, 2015 Buffer Social

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bernie Sanders Releases Details on Health Plan That Would Raise Taxes but He Argues Save on Costs

"Under the plan, individuals making $250,000 to $500,000 annually would be taxed at a rate of 37 percent. The top rate, 52 percent, would apply to those earning $10 million or more a year, a category that in 2013 included only the 13,000 households in the United States.

""Universal health care is an idea that has been supported in the United States by Democratic presidents going back to Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman," Mr. Sanders said in a statement on Sunday night. "It is time for our country to join every other major industrialized nation on earth and guarantee health care to all."" Read the article: Bernie Sanders Releases Details on Health Plan That Would Raise Taxes but He Argues Save on Costs by Yamiche Alcindor and Alan Rappeport, Jan. 17, 2016 The New York Times

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"The promise of change, always a popular lure in politics, is at the heart of a striking paradox in the Democratic race. Democratic primary voters say that the ability to deliver needed change is the most important quality they seek in a candidate, and Mr. Sanders’s popularity is highest with voters who want change.

(...)"support for Mrs. Clinton lags in some groups of Democratic primary voters, particularly men and younger voters. Among the misgivings is one that has surfaced before in her political career: Fifty-two percent of Democratic primary voters think that Mrs. Clinton says what she actually believes, compared with 62 percent who think Mr. Sanders is genuine in his remarks.

(...)"While some Sanders allies worry that his decades-long identification as a democratic socialist will hurt him, 56 percent of Democratic primary voters say they hold a positive view of socialism. About nine in 10 think that the gap between rich and poor is an urgent problem, and most would support raising taxes on the wealthy to deal with it — one of Mr. Sanders’s major positions — and 78 percent oppose unlimited campaign contributions to fund-raising committees known as “super PACs,” as does Mr. Sanders. (Mrs. Clinton is supported by a such a fund-raising arm.)" Read the article: Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Is Seen as More Likely Than Bernie Sanders to Be Effective by Patrick Healy and Megan Thee-Brenan, November 12, 2015 The New York Times

"Over the years, Sanders has tucked away funding for health centers in appropriation bills signed by George W. Bush, into Barack Obama’s stimulus program, and through the earmarking process. But his biggest achievement came in 2010 through the Affordable Care Act. In a series of high-stakes legislative maneuvers, Sanders struck a deal to include $11 billion for health clinics in the law." Read the article: GOP Officials Publicly Denounce Bernie Sanders’ Obamacare Expansion, Quietly Request Funding by Lee Fang, July 16, 2015 The Intercept

Monday, January 18, 2016

Jonathan Gruber, architect of ACA Obamacare, Romneycare

"He has been described as a key architect[2] of both the 2006 Massachusetts health care reform, sometimes referred to as "Romneycare", and the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, sometimes referred to as the "ACA" and "Obamacare". He became the focus of a media and political firestorm in late 2014 when videos surfaced in which he made controversial statements about the legislative process, marketing strategies, and public perception surrounding the passage of the ACA." From Wikipedia: Jonathan Gruber (economist)

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"Gruber sparked a firestorm last month when several videos surfaced in which he called American voters “stupid,” suggesting that a “lack of transparency” in the Affordable Care Act contributed to passage of the law. Critics of the ACA, who called Gruber the "architect" of the health care law, seized on the comments to call into question the law’s validity, while Obamacare supporters distanced themselves from Gruber and widely disparaged his remarks." Read the article: Jonathan Gruber: ‘I am embarrassed, and I am sorry’ by Jose A. DelReal, Washington Post, December 9, 2014

"Unlike some other commentators, I don’t really blame mainstream media outlets, such as the Post, for running with the Gruber story. News is news, after all—even when, as in this case, it’s not very new at all. But a legitimate news story for political reporters to pursue isn’t the same thing as a genuine scandal, which, for example, is what the Bush Administration’s deliberate mis-marketing of the Iraq-war resolution amounted to. If ever there were a classic case of Grubering, that is it. Republican efforts to tar the Obama Administration haven’t come close to meeting such a standard, and Grubergate, although it’s providing conservatives with endless amusement and causing the Administration a good deal of embarrassment, is ultimately another dud." Read the article: The Real Lessons of “Gruber-gate” by John Cassidy, November 18, 2014, The New Yorker

"Both political parties use all sorts of fiscal illusions to deceive voters. Deficit spending, the Social Security trust fund, and the Medicare trust fund are fiscal illusions with bipartisan pedigrees. Republicans and Democrats use fiscal illusions to hide the largest financial costs of armed conflict (veterans’ benefits). They collude to hide what economists call the “deadweight loss” of taxation." Read the article: Grubergate Part 1: 'The Stupidity Of The American Voter' by Michael F. Cannon, Nov. 30, 2014, Forbes

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

President Obama's 2016 State of the Union in Three Minutes

Gas prices are down, and more uninsured people signed up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. A triumph for President Obama, but some promises made on the campaign trail are still only promises in his final State of the Union address. Watch: President Obama's 2016 State of the Union in Three Minutes Minutes, Bloomberg, Jan 12, 2016 (Image:

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Meet Vault Boy

Meet Vault Boy, mascot for Vault-Tec.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Hillary Clinton announces new autism initiative

AP: "According to the campaign, Clinton's plan will push states to require private insurers to cover autism services. It will also expand employment and housing opportunities for those impacted by the disorder.

"Clinton also plans to extend new resources and establish public-private partnerships that will ensure a post-graduation transition plan for students with autism." Read the article: Hillary Clinton announces new autism initiative - Fox San Antonio, January 5 2016

From "Hillary Clinton has a long record of advocating for children and families affected by autism, describing it in 2007 as “one of the most urgent—and least understood—challenges facing our children.” As First Lady, she fought hard for more awareness and funding for autism, including supporting the bipartisan Children’s Health Act of 2000, which had a special focus on autism research. In the Senate, she introduced the bipartisan Expanding the Promise for Individuals with Autism Act (EPIAA), which aimed to expand access to interventions and support for Americans with autism. And she cosponsored legislation in 2006 that authorized hundreds of millions of dollars in new spending on autism-related programs, including research, education, early detection, and intervention." See Hillary Clinton's comprehensive autism initiative plan: Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Support Children, Youth, and Adults Living with Autism and their Families

"Everyone running for president should be talking about this." Read more at