Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Women at Work: Jstor Daily Reads the News

"In the New York Times, Maureen Sherry shares some personal anecdotes, all-too-familiar to many of us, about her time as a rare female trader on Wall Street. She describes not just becoming “one of the boys” but also having to put up with targeted harassment and hazing-style pranks because of her gender; even worse, her acclimation to that culture.

"(...)In male-dominated professions, change has been slow, despite legislative and organizational efforts. Sherry says that trading firms, in fear of gender-discrimination accusations, have developed intricate contractual protections that have done nothing to fix either the pay gap or the glass-ceiling/elevator, or the cultures of initiation and performativity that workplace social networks enforce." Continue reading: Women at Work: Jstor Daily Reads the News by the editors, January 26, 2016 JSTOR