Friday, June 24, 2016

Brain sex does not exist

This reminds me of the old sexist notion that girls can't do math, which they can, and neuroscientists who use brain mapping to tell people what personality type they have. The only facts about differences in gender that I know of are that men are by and large physically stronger, some gender roles are shaped by social mores (chivalry) while some are based in biology (more men are capable of physical activities due to superior strength and endurance), and some people have different sexual orientations. I can "think like a man" (use logical reasoning (whether rational in a larger context or not)) and not actually be one.

"Neuroscience is methodologically flawed. Even when an effect is objectively measurable, small sample sizes and poor statistical significance plague brain imaging studies. Most results are not replicable and, often, the alleged “findings” are not even based on human research. Extrapolating functional or behavior qualities from these studies is logically tenuous at best." Read: Brain sex does not exist -- Sex matters.