Monday, June 06, 2016

Lancome cancels concert after Chinese online backlash

Lancome cancels concert after Chinese online backlash -- French cosmetics giant Lancome has cancelled a promotional concert in Hong Kong after an online backlash in mainland China over an artist apparently set to perform. 6 June, 2016 BBC World

"On 5 June 2016 Lancôme cancelled a promotional concert by Hong Kong singer Denise Ho that was scheduled to be held on 19 June in Sheung Wan.[10] This action was taken in response to a boycott campaign launched by the Communist Party-controlled Global Times, which denigrated the Cantopop star for supposedly advocating Hong Kong and Tibet independence.[10] Lancôme also added, in a Facebook post, that Ho is not a spokesperson for the brand.[11] In addition to her singing career, Ho is an outspoken advocate of democracy.[12] The Tibet allegation appeared to have stemmed from Ho's May 2016 meeting with the Dalai Lama.[10] The cancellation drew a heavy backlash in Hong Kong.[10][12] Listerine, another brand that Ho represents, retained the singer despite the fact that the Global Times also criticized that company hiring Ho as its public face in Hong Kong.[10]" Lancome on Wikipedia