Thursday, June 09, 2016

Warren has concerns about being Clinton's VP - report

I hope Senator Warren (D-Mass.) will help bring not only Senator Bernie Sanders' supporters into the fold, but those issues to the Democratic table that his young supporters feel strongly about, such as debt-free college and taking marijuana off the federal government's list of criminal substances. Warren has concerns about being Clinton's VP - report by Rebecca Savransky, June 09, 2016 The Hill

Related article: "The Sanders endorsement marks the first time the WFP has endorsed a national campaign, although the group joined the effort this winter to draft progressive favorite Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) into the 2016 race. The effort to draft Warren closed shop in June, after she repeatedly disavowed interest in a White House bid. Sanders has since won over many of Warren's erstwhile backers with his summons to a "political revolution" against income inequality and what he routinely calls "the billionaire class." Bernie Sanders Just Received One of His Biggest Endorsements Yet by Luke Brinker, Yahoo News, December 8, 2015