Thursday, July 28, 2016

President Jimmy Carter Proposes Draft Registration for Women

I didn't know Jimmy Carter wanted to draft women in the '80s, long before Hillary Clinton said she is for it, and our Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of it. There goes my respect for Carter as well. What we need is gender equity, not this kind of equality that expects people to overcome obvious biological differences for an ideological cause. Some civilizations perform female circumcision which is torture for women, but surely that is equality, too. Is it any more civilized than sending millenial women to fill combat positions?

"Description: President Jimmy Carter proposes the plan of registering women for the military draft, igniting a firestorm of discussion and controversy from men and women alike. The Senate Armed Services Committee would not support the Carter proposal, and the Supreme Court would later uphold the constitutionality of exempting women in the 1981 case Rostker v. Goldberg." President Jimmy Carter Proposes Draft Registration for Women -- Source: NBC Nightly News | Creator: John Chancellor/Judy Woodruff/Robert Hager | Event Date: 01/08/1980 | Air/Publish Date: 01/08/1980 K-12