Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton ad: Martha and Sara

Thanks, Hillary Clinton. You tore my heart out with this campaign video, beautifully done like an Asian MetLife ad, with a moving orchestral musical score behind it all.

Via Hillary Clinton on You Tube

Monday, October 10, 2016

History Not Taught is History Forgot: Columbus' Legacy of Genocide

Image via "1492.0", Righting Red

(...)"The tribute system, instituted by the Governor sometime in 1495, was a simple and brutal way of fulfilling the Spanish lust for gold while acknowledging the Spanish distaste for labor. Every Taino over the age of fourteen had to supply the rulers with a hawk's bell of gold every three months (or in gold-deficient areas, twenty-five pounds of spun cotton); those who did were given a token to wear around their necks as proof that they had made their payment; those who did not were, as [Columbus's brother, Fernando] says discreetly "punished"-by having their hands cut off, as [the priest, BartolomŽ de] las Casas says less discreetly, and left to bleed to death.

"It is entirely likely that upwards of 10,000 Indians were killed in this fashion alone, on Espa–ola alone, as a matter of policy, during Columbus's tenure as governor. Las Casas' Brev’sima relaci—n, among other contemporaneous sources, is also replete with accounts of Spanish colonists (hidalgos) hanging Tainos en masse, roasting them on spits or burning them at the stake (often a dozen or more at a time), hacking their children into pieces to be used as dog feed and so forth, all of it to instill in the natives a "proper attitude of respect" toward their Spanish "superiors."" History Not Taught is History Forgot: Columbus' Legacy of Genocide Excerpted from the book Indians are Us (Common Courage Press, 1994) by Ward Churchill |

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My October Fragrances List

Still Life with a Cup of Coffee, Roses and Fruits
Oil paint on hardboard | 40 × 35 cm | 15.8 x 13.8 inches
Anna Fine Art

Seasonal changes haven't swayed my taste in fragrances for quite some time, but currently I'm wearing warmer, sweeter coconuts blended with vanilla, and a new favorite note combination found in my personal coffee-and-rose perfume, which I had intended to offer for sale but have only kept for myself to wear. Perhaps one of these days I'll get it done, along with everything else I said I've thought about doing. I must say, having a unique original perfume that no one else has smelled or worn makes me feel pampered, a sensation I could get used to.

Coffee and roses seems an iconic combination if only in the world of stock photos and not fragrance, but perhaps someone out there will create some divine liquid gems to saturate the market with and put to shame anything I've ever made. I usually only work with combinations that smell too good to mess up completely. Lol. My coffee & roses mix is one of my personal favorites: rich, mildly sweet but a touch bitter, sumptuous, aromatic, and in an intense parfum strength I can only dab lightly onto one or two pulse points at a time. My rose oil is at least as strong as Caron Rose extrait. My coffee's potent, too.

Aside from my coffee obsession, my love for the star of tropical notes, coconut, continues season after season, year upon year. Today I might spend Columbus Day attempting to make these zeppole that don't taste like zeppole because I don't have the right recipe. Sugar and dough is another foolproof combination, and goes well with a good ol' cuppa joe. Enjoy your season!

My fragrances list:

LaVanilla Coconut
The Body Shop Coconut
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb
OGX Coconut Water for my hair