Thursday, March 31, 2016

This Is Where Bad Bankers Go to Prison

"This is where the world’s only bank chiefs imprisoned in connection with the 2008 financial crisis are serving their sentences, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its forthcoming issue." This Is Where Bad Bankers Go to Prison - Iceland is the only nation that put top finance executives behind bars after the 2008 crisis. Still, fears of crony capitalism remain. Bloomberg, March 31, 2016 By Edward Robinson and Omar Valdimarsso

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bernie Sanders vs. Alan Greenspan

(Watch the longer video here: Bernie Sanders Confronts Alan Greenspan)

Whether or not I will vote for the Democratic Socialist, his tone is certainly remarkable.

Bernie Sanders vs. Alan Greenspan

Rep. Bernie Sanders, during a House Committee on Financial Services hearing, blasts Fed Chair Alan Greenspan. Rep. Sanders bluntly questions Greenspan on the effects of his economic policies on working and middle class Americans and the problem of increasing unemployment and inequality. From the Fed Reserve's Monetary Policy Report on Jul 15, 2003.

From Wikipedia: Sanders was a critic of Alan Greenspan; in June 2003, during a question-and-answer discussion with the then-Federal Reserve Chairman, Sanders told Greenspan that he was concerned that Greenspan was "way out of touch" and "that you see your major function in your position as the need to represent the wealthy and large corporations." Sanders said in 1998 that investment banks and commercial banks should remain as separate entities.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Heresy and Evangelism of Bernie Sanders

Via The Village Voice: "Asked about his religious life by CNN's Chris Cuomo during the February 23 South Carolina town hall, Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders distinguished himself from his competition by declining to praise the God of Abraham. Instead, in his signature phlegmatic Brooklyn staccato, the senator discussed universal human solidarity, lifting his arms for emphasis: "We are in this togetha.

""That's not just words," he continued. "The truth is, at some level, when you hurt, when your children hurt, I hurt. I hurt. And when my kids hurt, you hurt. I believe that what human nature is about is that everybody in this room impacts everybody else in all kinds of ways that we can't even understand.

""It's beyond intellect," he concluded. "It's a spiritual, emotional thing."" Read the article: The Heresy and Evangelism of Bernie Sanders by Jesse Alexander Myerson, March 29, 2016 Village Voice

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter

Laurel Tree, Easter Egg of the imperial family, 1911, Carl Faberge's masterpieces
Via Beauty Will Save

Easter Egg by Carl Fabergé

Limoges 24k Gold Birdcage Musical Egg with Singing Bird
Fabergé imperial musical eggs

Gold carriage, yellow Faberge egg, Vatican

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What Do Rainbows Have to Do with St. Patrick's Day?

What Do Rainbows Have to Do with St. Patrick's Day? by Laurie Farmer, Community Table, March 13, 2014

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

U.S. ends TARP with $15.3 billion profit

Many people lost their savings directly out of banks during TARP, or the 700 billion dollar bailout. Will we get anything back? U.S. ends TARP with $15.3 billion profit by Chris Isidore, CNN December 19, 2014

Related article:
"Krugman also says:
"A funny thing happened on the way to economic Armageddon: Iceland’s very desperation made conventional behavior impossible, freeing the nation to break the rules. Where everyone else bailed out the bankers and made the public pay the price, Iceland let the banks go bust and actually expanded its social safety net. Where everyone else was fixated on trying to placate international investors, Iceland imposed temporary controls on the movement of capital to give itself room to maneuver." Top Economists: Iceland Did It Right … And Everyone Else Is Doing It Wrong August 25, 2012 by WashingtonsBlog

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Life as a Young Athlete in Flint, Michigan

Life as a Young Athlete in Flint, Michigan - Keep Faith, Skip Showers...and Find a Way Out.
By Greg Couch, Photography by Jorge Lemus | Bleacher Report, March 8, 2016