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Top Fragrance Favorites 2017 & Season's Greetings

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I can't remember what perfume or body mist I put in this unlabeled rollerball I found, but I've been wearing it. It could be Chopard Wish or the now rare & discontinued Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Hot, Delices eau Fruitee de Cartier or Avril Lavigne Black Star. It could very well be a Bond No. 9 scent, named for a neighborhood I can't recall. Most likely, it's not one of my Bath & Body Works mists that lately I find too harshly aqueous (sporty scents perform better in the heat), but in a whiff it resembles Tutti Dolci White Mocha Kiss (and it must be noted Honolulu Sun still rocks my world; piña coladas for life!). The spirited floral fruity patchouli composition could be Vera Wang Princess, or any one of a billion Thierry Mugler Angel clones that are supposed to smell like Alsatian Christmas. I shouldn't have been so cocky as to think I'd recognize a long lost fragrance forever. Tastes change. Memories can also change over time. I'm not talking frogs-on-atrazine-level drastic change, though that can happen to some people as well...but that change is part of life.

The holidays are here, just 2 sundowns till Hanukkah and a fortnight till Christmas. I'm almost done buying gifts for my kids, and can't help but reflect on the big changes this year, like my son transposing every note of his favorite melodies to sing an octave down, or my daughter trading in her love of vivid Jeffree Star palettes for more subdued tones inspired by "Gigi Hadid runway looks." I've eschewed more perfumes in favor of Chanel lipsticks, myself. Adrienne is my top choice, and I don't think I'll find a better your-lips-but-better neutral brown shade (or a better quality lipstick), anywhere ever again, but I sure felt the same way about those ubiquitous woody florals that were both seemingly gentle yet increasingly brusque, once upon a time.

I will leave you with one last holiday suggestion before I present my 2017 Top Fragrance list of favorites. The only way to tolerate Limoncello liqueur, which is VERY medicinal-tasting, not what I was expecting, is with copious amounts of milk and honey. I will not go as far as to say locusts would taste better. I added the mixture to coffee, and voila, I ended up with something akin to lemony tiramisu or a Nikoleshka drink, which I'm not even sure if there are still places that serve it in the Village cafè where some new-ish immigrant date, on a date that went nowhere, once took me. In retrospect, maybe those are the best ones.

Here's what I enjoyed the most this year:

Bath & Body Works Honolulu Sun
Bath & Body Works Summer Coconut
This scent I'm wearing...which I just figured out is most likely:
Bond No. 9 Bryant Park. OK, so I AM good.

They're mostly cheapies this year! But a variety of mists, soaps and shower gels add up over time, too. What I gleaned the most from this year is that I'd MUCH rather consume nice things than fall prey to anti-consumerist trends, some of which are quite scary. I wasn't wrong about those posters on makeup forums having a political bend, what with their no-buy abstinence programs on commercial boards, and countless suggestions to appreciate libertine France and music and books unsolicited. It still feels like the way it was described by the author of Magic and Loss (which I haven't read but seems like a veritable new The Fountainhead), Virginia Heffernan, in this New York Magazine article entitled, Commie Chic; so appropos, it seems. Yet, authoritarian tactics to sell ideas don't work too well here, at least not forever. Shoulda known this is the WORLD wide web, but onwards.

Happy shopping! Thanks to the GREAT ladies who said, "More is more!" and Earth, Wind & Fire who sang, "Stay young at heart!" And do share this season with loved ones!

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Trump to Keep Embassy in Tel Aviv, but Recognize Jerusalem as Capital

Naysayers around the world aren't a surprise, but the American Jewish voice of dissent against our support of Israel on this issue is shocking to hear. I think this is a fine move, since Americans ALREADY SEE Jerusalem as the capital of Israel for 70 years. A physical move of our Embassy won't change this fact. President Trump's decision to recognize Israel's point of view as the legitimate one officially here seems to have been more of a test to see who our friends in the world really are. Trump to Keep Embassy in Tel Aviv, but Recognize Jerusalem as Capital - No president, Republican or Democrat, has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel since the state was established in 1948. By Mark Landler and Julie Hirshfeld Davis December 1, 2017

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Seinfeld - The Puerto Rican Day

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Still one of the best sitcoms - and this is the funniest episode!

We hope our friends who are still traveling back and forth to PR find normalcy soon.

WATCH Seinfeld Season 9 Episode 20 @ dailymotion (Video is sped up but more or less intelligible)

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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Netanyahu applauds U.S. decision on Jerusalem

A historic moment, indeed! May we celebrate a most Happy Hanukkah this year.

CBS News
Published on Dec 6, 2017

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called President Trump’s announcement Wednesday recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel “courageous and just.” CBS News correspondent Seth Doane joins CBSN with more on reaction to the announcement.

Celebrating 175 Years of the New York Philharmonic With a December 7 Concert

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Celebrating 175 Years of the New York Philharmonic With a December 7 Concert By Rebecca Winzenried Dec. 05, 2017
The milestone birthday celebrates a legacy of innovation and invention.

Monday, December 04, 2017

‘I Thought I Was Lazy’: The Invisible Day-To-Day Struggle For Autistic Women

"The stereotype with autism, women including, is that they are really neat and tidy.’

"Different executive abilities particularly hurt those socialized as women or who identify as such. “Women are expected to just pick up daily skills naturally. You’re tainted as a moral failure if you can’t get organized,” says Becker." Read the article: ‘I Thought I Was Lazy’: The Invisible Day-To-Day Struggle For Autistic Women - Adapting to daily life is not often factored into the diagnostic process for autism. It should be. By Reese Piper, The Establishment

Someone Asked My Son With Autism Why Eye Contact Is Hard. This Was His Answer.

"A seat on the side keeps me focused on your voice and not on visual distractions. I am assessing many sounds too. I have to erase some stimuli to access my answers to people’s questions and meet their demands. That is why I don’t make eye contact. I am always listening." Someone Asked My Son With Autism Why Eye Contact Is Hard. This Was His Answer.January 27, 2015

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1% chocolate milk back on school menus as Obama-era rules are eased

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Dear ABC News, since when is 1% milk 'regular?' Reduced fat milk should never be called regular, as regular milk is whole milk. Praising Trump for undoing what Michelle "Cruella deVille" Obama did isn't addressing that Trump only brought back 1% milk fat chocolate milk. You don't usually praise a person for going just half way. But it's an improvement from total deprivation for the non-lactose intolerant being the norm. Regular chocolate milk back on school menus as Obama-era rules are eased by Stephanie Ebbs and Erin Dooley Dec 1, 2017, abcnews

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Yentl: The original Mulan

Barbara Streisand sings "Where Is It Written?" from Yentl (film)

Before Disney's Mulan, the story of a tomboy princess in love with a cause in pursuit of an ideal, there was Yentl. With song and performance this powerfully moving, if only all musicals lived up to this standard! From Wikipedia: "Based on Singer's short story "Yentl the Yeshiva Boy," it centers on a young girl who defies tradition by discussing and debating Jewish law and theology with her rabbi father. When he dies, she cuts her hair, dresses as a man, and sets out to find a yeshiva where she can continue to study Talmud and live secretly as a male named Anshel. When her study partner Avigdor discovers the truth, Yentl's assertions that she is "neither one sex nor the other" and has "the soul of a man in the body of a woman" suggest the character is undergoing a gender identity crisis, especially when she opts to remain living as Anshel for the rest of her life.

"After eleven previews, the Broadway production, directed by Robert Kalfin, opened on October 23, 1975 at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre, where it ran for 223 performances. The cast included Tovah Feldshuh, John Shea, and Lynn Ann Leveridge.

"As early as 1968, Barbra Streisand had expressed interest in a film adaptation of Singer's short story. Using the Napolin/Singer play as her source material, she wrote a detailed forty-two page treatment, the first to conceive of the movie version as a musical. The resulting 1983 production veered dramatically from the original short story and play by allowing Yentl to reveal her true feelings for Avigdor and having her return to her female self and sail for the United States at the end." Read the article: Yentl - Wikipedia

Monday, November 27, 2017

Prince Harry will marry a divorced American — and the church is fine with it

It's so nice of CofE to decide not to cockblock another heterosexual couple. God Save the Queen, and England, keep rockin'! From USA Today: "The sticking point in 1936 was the rule on divorce and remarriage in the Church of England, of which the monarch of the United Kingdom is head. The church’s ban on remarriage for a divorced person whose previous spouse is alive applied to King Edward, and still held for Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret, in 1953. She was told she could not marry the man she loved, Capt. Peter Townsend, because the Church of England would not countenance it.

"In 2005, the situation was different for the divorced Prince Charles, who wanted to marry the divorced Camilla Parker Bowles. He was free to remarry as a divorced man, because his first wife, Princess Diana, had died. But Parker Bowles’ first husband was still alive. The prince married Parker Bowles in a compromise: They tied the knot in a civil ceremony and then had an Anglican blessing for their marriage in St. George’s Chapel, at Windsor Castle, conducted by then-Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. By then the Church of England had agreed that in certain circumstances those divorced could marry in church, but not if the relationship of the couple wishing to marry had caused the divorce, or if the latest wedding could cause public scandal. On those grounds, the church felt it was inadvisable for Prince Charles and Parker Bowles to have a full church wedding.

"Today, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby revealed no qualms about Prince Harry marrying a divorcee, a sign of how the Church of England has changed. “I wish them many years of love, happiness and fulfillment and ask that God blesses them throughout their married life together,” said the archbishop.

"He also said, suggesting that the couple have already settled on an Anglican wedding ceremony: “I am so happy that Prince Harry and Ms. Markle have chosen to make their vows before God.”" Prince Harry will marry a divorced American — and the church is fine with it by Catherine Pepinster, USA Today

Related articles:

"The English church renounced papalauthority when Henry VIII failed to secure an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon in the 1530s.[9] The English Reformation accelerated under Edward VI's regents, before a brief restoration of papal authority under Queen Mary I and King Philip. The Act of Supremacy 1558 renewed the breach and the Elizabethan Settlement charted a course enabling the English church to describe itself as both Catholic and Reformed:

"Catholic in that it views itself as a part of the universal church of Jesus Christ in unbroken continuity with the early apostolic church. This is expressed in its emphasis on the teachings of the early Church Fathers, as formalised in the Apostles', Nicene, and Athanasian creeds.[10]

"Reformed in that it has been shaped by some of the doctrinal principles of the 16th-century Protestant Reformation, in particular in the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion and the Book of Common Prayer." Church of England - Wikipedia

Friday, November 24, 2017

Trumps set to launch two real estate projects in India, despite conflict-of-interest concerns

From The Washington Post: (...)"Real estate experts in India have offered differing views on whether Trump will still appeal to affluent Indians after his immigration stance and other controversies. Branded properties — such as those endorsed by a sports team or Bollywood stars — don't always perform well, Kapoor noted.

"Kolkata, also known as Calcutta, is a place apart from glittering Mumbai or the power enclaves of New Delhi. It's a city of 5 million, chaotic, vibrant, lined with colonial-era mansions and abandoned factories turned mossy black from humidity. There is money here, to be sure, largely from old mercantile families, but it's a very niche market, experts say.

"Kolkata, frankly speaking, is one of the poorest performing markets in India," Kapoor said. "I don't know why he's considering Kolkata — he's not being advised well."" Read the article: Trumps set to launch two real estate projects in India, despite conflict-of-interest concerns by Annie Gowen October 28 The Washington Post

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The Music of Jon Hendricks

Jazz singer, lyricist Jon Hendricks (September 16, 1921 – November 22, 2017)

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross performing " Airegin" (music by Sonny Rollins, additional lyrics by Jon Hendricks)

"Cottontail" (music by Duke Ellington, additional lyrics by Jon Hendricks)

"Four" (music by Miles Davis, lyrics by Jon Hendricks (music is credited to Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson at Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Four LIVE 1961 posted by Westcoastpaeb on Youtube))

// Of the wonderful things that you get out of life there are four.
And they may not be many but nobody needs any more.
Of the many facts making the list of life,
Truth takes the lead.
And to relax knowing the gist of life,
It's truth you need.

Then the second is honor and happiness makes number three.
When you put them together you know what the last one must be.
Baby so truth, honor and happiness
And one thing more,
Meaning only wonderful, wonderful love
that'll make four. // repeat

Meaning love and that's the real score and more than enough when times are tough and poor.
They may not comprise a lot
Still (you) only got those four.
And there ain't no more.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Holiday Gifts 2017

CHANEL Collection Libre 2017 NUMÉROS ROUGES Limited Edition

Four numbered lipsticks, reinvented by Lucia Pica, in a rare red-lacquered click case.

CREED Viking: A new fragrance for Men. Watch the film:

Yves Saint Laurent Chinese New Year Face Palette Collector

Celebrate the year of the rooster: a year of confidence and talent.

Combat One Tactical Bath

Alex Jones' 'perineal wipes' as seen on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Unleash the power of one with this broad spectrum hygiene tactical bath.

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Nordic Model

"Sweden, Norway and Iceland have all outlawed the purchase of sex, but offering sexual services is not a crime; these efforts to penalize the client but not the prostitute reflect efforts to support the victims of sex trafficking. Brothel-keeping and pimping remain forbidden. Sweden pioneered this approach in 1999, which became known as the Nordic model and was mimicked by Norway in 2009. However, its effectiveness has since been questioned by many authorities. The Swedish government was forced to admit that it failed to keep track of the number of people involved in prostitution due to a large number of unreported cases." Read: New Sexual Revolution In Norway: Oslo May Decriminalize Brothels Again - sputniknews 13.07.2016

Related link: California Democrats Legalize Child Prostitution - 11/17/17

Friday, November 17, 2017

California Democrats legalize child prostitution

Did you know: California is a state where the legal age of consent is the highest in the country, yet child prostitution is legal? Color me stupid!

Meaning, those same people who think Jerry Seinfeld and Shoshanna should never be allowed to happen, also believe Jerry could've gone the legal way and just paid for her (except women and girls aren't sex workers, and sex worker rights are NOT women's rights).

These lawmakers need to understand that most societies are protective of children and the fairer sex, whether they themselves want to accept such differences exist or not.

If this is the direction of the Democratic Party as a whole, good luck to the party, but it's just another Germany in the making.

From The Washington Examiner: "This terribly destructive legislation was written and passed by the progressive Democrats who control California's state government with a two-thirds "supermajority." To their credit, they are sincere in their belief that decriminalizing underage prostitution is good public policy that will help victims of sex trafficking. Unfortunately, the reality is that the legalization of underage prostitution suffers from the fatal defect endemic to progressive-left policymaking: it ignores experience, common sense and most of all human nature — especially its darker side.

"The unintended but predictable consequence of how the real villains — pimps and other traffickers in human misery — will respond to this new law isn't difficult to foresee. Pimping and pandering will still be against the law whether it involves running adult women or young girls. But legalizing child prostitution will only incentivize the increased exploitation of underage girls. Immunity from arrest means law enforcement can't interfere with minors engaging in prostitution — which translates into bigger and better cash flow for the pimps. Simply put, more time on the street and less time in jail means more money for pimps, and more victims for them to exploit.

"Minors involved in prostitution are clearly victims, and allowing our law enforcement officers to pick these minors up and get them away from their pimps and into custody is a dramatically better solution than making it legal for them to sell themselves for sex. That only deepens their victimization and renders law enforcement powerless to stop the cycle of abuse. SB 1322 is not simply misguided — its consequences are immoral." READ: California Democrats legalize child prostitution by Travis Allen | Dec 29, 2016

Added on 11/18: New California Law Does Not Legalize Child Prostitution by Erik Ortiz, NBC News

Nordic Model - PINK MANHATTAN 11/18/2017

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Weekend Update on Donald Trump's Asia Trip - SNL

Michael Che's impression of Donald J. Trump is absolutely the best.

Weekend Update on Donald Trump's Asia Trip - SNL

Posted on YouTube by Saturday Night Live

Ketchup Steak Recipe / 7 Ways to Use Ketchup

Vintage Hunt's Ketchup ad via

Does President Trump like steak with ketchup or a dish called Ketchup Steak as seen in some cookbook or on a product label somewhere?

2 lbs. beef cubes
1 lg. onion, chopped
Lots of ketchup

Brown beef in butter. Add chopped onion and brown. Salt and pepper to taste. Cover with ketchup and a little water. Cover. Simmer 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Serve over white rice or mashed potatoes.


Related article: "Ketchup is classic with burgers and fries, but home cooks and superstar chefs alike have devised clever methods to leverage its sweet-and-tangy flavor. Here are seven ways to cook with ketchup, from a classic Chinese-American stir-fry sauce to Jacques Pépin’s glaze for chicken livers." Read more: 7 Ways to Use Ketchup -

Thursday, November 09, 2017

One Year into Trump: MAGA Winning

One year into Trump, and from tackling our economy to ISIS, it looks like he's winning all the time.  I really did fancy seeing the Trumps on the Asia trip, and Mr. Donald from Queens being photographed in China standing in the middle of a group of five like the authoritative judges on RuPaul's Drag Race.  By the way, Mr. Trump is endorsing Joy Villa, a renown scientologist, vegan and Grammy-attending singer/dominatrix, for Congress. Check out her reveal pix at the event (Did she win Best Dressed?): Who Is Joy Villa? The Songwriter's Dress At The 2017 Grammys Made Quite A Statement by Jen McGuire Feb 12 2017

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How Federal Law Protects Online Sex Traffickers

"It is a stain on our national character that sex trafficking is increasing in this country, in this century, and experts say it is happening because of the internet and the ruthless efficiency of online sex trafficking.

"The Communications Decency Act should not protect sex traffickers who prey on the most innocent and vulnerable among us. I do not believe those in Congress who supported this bill in 1996 ever thought that 21 years later, their vote would allow websites to knowingly traffic women and children over the internet with immunity." Read the article: How Federal Law Protects Online Sex Traffickers by Rob Portman, 10.24.17 Wired

Related article: Why hasn’t Kamala Harris signed on to anti-sex trafficking legislation in the Senate? by Emily Cadei, October 10, 2017

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Black Supremacist Nation of Islam Pushes White-Dominated Scientology

Have you ever read Whitley Strieber? You can usually find his books under the same category as Dianetics (New Age/Self-Help). Non-fiction is the name of a genre that doesn't mean authors have to publish factually accurate stories; it's the name of a style of storytelling, such as reporting or news/tabloid style. Anywho... "Berlet sees Farrakhan’s enthusiasm for Scientology and its techniques as a reflection of the times, in addition to Farrakhan’s advancing age. Recent surveys show that rising percentages of Americans say they anticipate an imminent apocalypse. And he says that Farrakhan may be concerned about why the world has not ended yet and is searching for a way to eliminate anything blocking that. “The possibility exists that Farrakhan sees his followers as not ‘clear’ enough to make contact with the Mothership,” he said. That would “provide an explanation for the delay.”" Read the article: Black Supremacist Nation of Islam Pushes White-Dominated Scientology - filed under HATEWATCH | Southern Poverty Law Center, June 07, 2011 by Leah Nelson

Monday, November 06, 2017

First Lady Melania Trump, Mrs. Abe Visit Tokyo School

First Lady Melania Trump, Mrs Abe Visits Tokyo School, Japan 11/06/17 on President Trump Asia Trip for APEC 2017 - via YouTube

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

American gambling companies are lining up to open casinos in Japan

"Casinos were illegal in Japan until parliament passed the controversial Integrated Resort Promotion Law in December, and they will be allowed only as part of a wider resort that will have to include a hotel, an international conference hall and other entertainment facilities. Yokohama and Osaka, Japan’s second- and third-largest cities, are the most likely locations for the first two “integrated resorts,” once appropriate legislation is passed.

"Yet many Japanese are concerned that social harm will come with casinos. A poll by the Jiji news agency conducted in August found that two-thirds of respondents were opposed to the introduction of casinos, with most worried about crime and gambling addictions.

(...) "Sheldon Adelson, the chairman of Las Vegas Sands, has called Singapore, where Las Vegas Sands invested $6 billion in the Marina Bay Sands resort, a “warm-up” for Japan.

(...)"Adelson is a Republican backer who donated more than $20 million to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The Nikkei business newspaper reported that President Trump asked Abe during their meeting in February whether he knew about Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts. Abe had his assistant jot down the companies’ names, according to the newspaper." Read the article: American gambling companies are lining up to open casinos in Japan by Anna Fifield, October 16 Washington Post

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Jazz Halloween: Makoto Ozone - My Witch's Blue | Michel Camilo "Hands and Feet," "On Fire"

Happy Halloween to all my boos. 🎃

Makoto Ozone - My Witch's Blue (2012)

Makoto Ozone - Piano | Christian McBride - Bass | Jeff "Tain" Watts - Drums

Michel Camilo - "Hands and Feet" (Michel Camilo - piano | Raul - flamenco feet)
Michel Camilo - "On Fire" (Michel Camilo - piano | Michael Bowie - bass | Joel Rosenblatt - drums)

Nothing Is True, Everything is Permitted: The Untold Story of Brion Gysin

"The young Gysin wanted to “have adventures and see visions” and figured that Paris was the place. Moving there at 18, his career as a painter should have got off to a spectacular start: a chance encounter with Marie-Beth Aurenche – then still the first Mrs Max Ernst – gave access to the hottest scene in town, the Surrealists. Without formal art tuition, Gysin got some basic tips from the Argentinian spitfire, Leonor Fini, but the main lesson came from visiting Ernst’s studio and seeing that the objective was “to make the paint make the painting.” Barely 19, Gysin was soon invited to exhibit alongside Ernst, Fini, and Valentine Hugo – as well as Dali, Magritte and Picasso – but before the show’s opening his work was taken down by poet Paul Eluard, on orders of the ‘Pope’ of Surrealism, André Breton. Gysin never really found out why, but he was sure the fact he had just come out as homosexual had something to do with it. Whatever the reason, it was a crushing blow." Read the article: Nothing Is True, Everything is Permitted: The Untold Story of Brion Gysin - January 21, 2017 By Matthew Levi Stevens, newdawnmagazine

(Above: Untitled, 1961.  Ink on paper, 62 x 50cm.) "BRION GYSIN (USA): Gysin had a lifelong fascination with the juncture of word and image. He studied Japanese and Arabic calligraphy, and evolved his own style of  word/image glyphs, supple as flames or tendrils of smoke. A radical cultural visionary, visual artist, writer and performer, Gysin introduced his lifelong friend, writer William S. Burroughs, to the techniques of "cut-ups" and "permutation"." TRANSVANGARDE 2009

Guerrilla Conditions — Brion Gysin

"The work of British-Canadian artist Brion Gysin, defined by techniques like mixed collages, systematic repetition and "cut-up" (a method he invented), is experiencing somewhat of a revival since his death in 1986. A stream of contemporary artists have recently taken interest in the artist and the newly-opened "Alarme" exhibition at Paris' Galerie de France illustrates the scope of his oeuvre, following two recent important exhibitions of his contributions.

(...) "Gysin's based his works on crossings, formally represented by the constant use of grid patterns. Most of the time he employed a rudimentary printing technique, rolling a paintbrush on a paper sheet over a canvas of wire threads, consistently incorporating script letters and photos into the grids."

"The renowned Beat Generation writer William Burroughs once said that Brion Gysin was the only man he ever respected.

"After the two met in Tangier, Morocco, their artistic relationship burgeoned as their two practices of the visual arts and literature merged, creating the cut-up technique that popularised much of Burroughs’ writings. They would later publish a collaborative novel, The Third Mind (1977), that acted as a manifesto of the possibilities of cutting up ‘junk’, printed ephemera and newspaper articles, in order to disassociate the words from their original or ‘perceived’ meanings." Two of the most intriguing aspects of Gysin’s oeuvre is firstly his association with Ian Sommerville, a mathematician who worked with The Beatles, on the fabrication of the Dream Machine. The Dream Machine was a pioneering piece of hallucinatory kinetic art, constructed out of nothing more than a turntable that rotated at 78rpm, a cantilevered light and a cylinder with rounded parallelograms cut from its surface.

"The idea for the machine came to Gysin as he was falling asleep on a bus in Marseille. As the sun set amongst the trees, it created a flicker effect that induced a lucid dream. Later, with Sommerville, they would learn that the revolutions of the turntable could recreate this effect and correspond to the frequency of alpha waves emitted by the brain during deep sleep. This was the first piece of art meant to be viewed with closed eyes, and it was Gysin’s (unsuccessful) intention to sell the machine to Panasonic in order to eventually replace the television."

"Gysin’s use of the term “transducer” is crucial, as he equates himself as an artist with a device for transforming one type of energy into another, in his case converting drug / interior / psychic states into art / exterior forms. In fact, he claims he is superior to the mechanism — “I am better than Transducer for I show your own Interior Space.”"

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Why Do Scientologists Lie?

Scientology is a cult (meaning they dictate your life and never let you leave) that teaches that lying is a virtuous means to a noble end. When was the last time such a tactic was employed on a mass scale? Sorry to say, none other than one-ball Hitler comes to mind. As far as I can tell, the main tenet is Darwinian survival of the fittest, the fittest in this case meaning top nerd GOAT. How such a brilliant mind ends up signing a billion year contract might be a question for the ages, but ethical to enslave it is not.

If we learned anything from ugly history, it should be that humans can rationalize anything if we don't stop this kind of mindless worship of things that aren't values or virtues in and of themselves, such as reason, rationality or equality. We don't need to act aggressively and humiliate this reincarnation of Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine into oblivion, for truth can't be hidden for long.

We are more than math and science. Happiness is more than the achievement of a goal. Happiness is being able to trust one another because we love each other enough to be true. Trust is being able to play "I'll catch you if you fall" because you were lucky enough to have met someone you can trust enough to play with. Being a loving person means protecting the other from harm. No amount of going against the conventional wisdom of Christian teachings will change deception into something that doesn't hurt another.

And all that happens in the end when you live a lie to hurt another is hurt yourself by wasting your life trying to affect someone else's life like a leech to be thrown off. You alienate yourself while you act as a vessel for globalist ideals of saving the planet at the expense of humankind and our modern quality of life. These ethics teaching that there are thetans and humanoids are about replacing humanoid humans; it's The Secret root race theory rationalizing racism.

I guess a "wog" is their idea of a gentile, except if they meant Scientology to be an ironic, or trolling church (like Westboro Baptist (Hyper-Calvinist) Church), in that pesky, obsolete rulebook called the Old Testament Bible, there was a set of rules for gentiles to be part of civilization, too (they were exempted from dietary rules).


"Anyone who is not a scientologist is a “wog” – someone to be treated with a mixture of pity and contempt. Wogs do not understand life. They are ignorant, misinformed or evil. They do not know how to solve their own or mankind’s problems. They are doomed to an eternity of suffering unless they wake up and begin to “apply the tech.”

"Hubbard defined a “wog” in a Briefing Course lecture in 1966:

"…common, everyday garden-variety humanoid … He ‘is’ a body. [He] doesn’t know he’s there, etc. He isn’t there as a spirit at all. He is not operating as a thetan." Read: Why Do Scientologists Lie? by Mike Rinder

Related link: L. Ron Hubbard's Hilarious "Windsplitter" Song from Battlefield Earth uploaded by RebuiltTrannyRecords on YouTube

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Just Say No

Toddy Tee feat. Mix Master Spade and Snoop Dogg via Dodt04 on You Tube

"Just Say No" anti-drug campaign (1985)

Hmm, early rap reminiscent of "Jam On It" by Newcleus, "White Lines" by Grandmaster Flash, and Fame, the musical.

That's right, kids - Just Say No! This campaign against drugs is from the same era that brought you...

She-Ra, the Princess of Power! Dig the ascelpius staff in her spell! She never actually says, "I have the power!" like He-Man, but we know she's got it.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

HIV Campaign Undetectable=Untransmittable

While this is very good news, it's recent news, and knowingly transmitting HIV is still a felony in most states outside of California where it has been decriminalized. Other states will likely follow suit since CA has also opened its blood bank to HIV patients on PrEP medication.

"In a historic letter, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention support the science behind "Undetectable Equals Untransmittable." Read the article: CDC Officially Admits People With HIV Who Are Undetectable Can't Transmit HIV by Savas Abadsidis, October 22, 2017

"The Centers for Disease Control affirmed on National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, HIV positive men with undetectable viral loads pose no risk to their HIV negative partners." CDC Affirms Being HIV Undetectable Prevents HIV Transmission by Jason Parsley 09/28/2017

"The current rarity of PrEP breakthrough infection indicates that any potential safety risk is likely very small. However, considering the increasing use of PrEP we feel it is prudent for those interpreting HIV donor screening test results to consider the potential for PrEP interference." Blood safety implications of donors using HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis. NCBI

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bags for Life can pose food poisoning risk

Image via Middle Man

Recycled plastic shopping bags carry food poisoning risk. From BBC: "Large shops in England have been charging 5p for single-use plastic carrier bags for nearly two years.

"However, they are not required to charge for plastic bags for certain products - including uncooked fish, meat or poultry products."

Bags for life can pose food poisoning risk - Food Standards Agency - BBC 02 October 2017

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

On Third Gender and Gender Neutral Bathrooms

While CA senator Scott Wiener decriminalizing the willful spreading of HIV with new, modern non-disclosure laws is demonic, I agree it's time to recognize Intersex people as a third gender. So, about gender neutral or All Gender bathrooms: I think building extra bathrooms is a great idea, so we can give men, intersex and women our much needed safe spaces here in the US of America, a still-more-modest-than-immodest society overall.

What advocates of gender neutral bathrooms fail to realize is that 1. there's a world of difference between building more bathrooms to add choice, and turning all multi stall bathrooms All Gender, taking away choice to make everyone go in the same room. Surely unisex cuts cost for the establishment; who would want to build more when you can convert what's there?

Point no. 2 is that there's a big difference between single toilets you can lock during use, as shown in this photo of a sign showing common sense:

and experimental bathrooms in other parts of the world.

Generally speaking, I think women and children are the ones who need safe spaces from strange men for common sense reasons that can't be "modernized" short of lobotomies on our non-compliant little brains.

While we're on the subject, check out!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Obama administration knew about Russian bribery plot before uranium deal

Obama administration knew about Russian bribery plot before uranium deal By Bob Fredericks, October 17, 2017 | New York Post

Senate Judiciary opens probe into Obama-era Russian nuclear bribery case October 17, 2017 The Hill

Alex Jones (FULL Commercial Free) Tue 10/17/17: Catherine Austin Fitts, Roger Stone, Jack Posobiec via YouTube

Related article: "During Trump's presidency, McCain has questioned the president's immigration policies and warned him against cozying up to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The senator also criticized Trump in August for saying that both white nationalists and counterprotesters were responsible for violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia." Trump warns 'I fight back' after McCain hits foreign policy - The Associated Press WASHINGTON — Oct 17, 2017 via

Exclusive: Neo-Nazi and National Front organiser quits movement, opens up about Jewish heritage, comes out as gay

"It was exciting." The neo-Nazi wanted high stimulation, a natural feel-good drug to help counteract bad feelings inside. Everyone needs a healthy escape sometimes, and that's why urban areas ask for more recreation centers - to let people burn off steam and be part of something positive, not just to have some superficial thing in common with a pack.

This man makes Milo Yiannopoulos look like a parody of him. I hope ex-neo-Nazis aren't flocking over to Antifa to manifest what Milo's friend Richard Spencer is trying to mote it be: peaceful genocide, however the resistance sees fit. Exclusive: Neo-Nazi and National Front organiser quits movement, opens up about Jewish heritage, comes out as gay - A white supremacist active as recently as the start of this year says today he is publicly renouncing 40 years of hate. Speaking on Channel 4 News he comes out as gay for the first time – and admits to a violent past. By Paraic O'Brien, 17 OCT 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017

Straight men who have sex with other men

If Lady Gaga said she's straight on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9, why not? Like a new Roman Empire, let everyone be straight again. Straight men who have sex with other men - Can a straight man hook up with a guy and still be straight? Girls can. By Nikki Goldstein, August 3, 2017

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Knowingly exposing others to HIV will no longer be a felony in California

Knowingly exposing others to HIV will no longer be a felony in California by Patrick McGreevy, Oct. 6, 2017 LA Times

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Really want to be an American cheerleader? Here’s your crappy rulebook

Laura Vikmanis, Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader

Not only do cheerleaders, who are athletes and entertainers in their own right, make an average of less than minimum wage, they're expected to devote their lives to the craft like Takarazuka. Also, cheerleaders weren't always so skinny. I don't think even Carmen Electra was ever a twig, or female with less body fat than the equivalent male of her height and weight. With men in the world who resent women so much so they'd go as far as to abuse them, it's really no wonder S&M has been the Hollywood trend for over a decade. From "Cheerleaders in America’s National Football League (NFL) have made their high school dreams of taking their sport to the ultimate level. But, when they got there, they found they were expected to live on meagre pay, keep their fair skin fake-tanned, and not put on weight." Continued: Really want to be an American cheerleader? Here’s your crappy rulebook by Radhika Sanghani 29 Jan 2014

Dallas Cowboys cheerleader

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Happy Centennial, Thelonious Monk! Round Midnight Soundtrack

This version of Thelonious Monk's "'Round Midnight" is probably my favorite. The entire movie soundtrack is phenomenal, and although I didn't get to see it in the theaters, I greatly appreciate the film, too.

Round Midnight (movie trailer):

"Round Midnight is a soundtrack album by Herbie Hancock featuring music recorded for Bertrand Tavernier's film Round Midnight released in 1986 on Columbia Records. The album features performances by Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, Ron Carter, Tony Williams, Bobby McFerrin, Dexter Gordon, Pierre Michelot, Billy Higgins, John McLaughlin, Chet Baker, Bobby Hutcherson, Wayne Shorter, Lonette McKee, and Cedar Walton, most of whom appear in the film. It won the Academy Award for Best Music, Original Score in 1986, against Ennio Morricone's The Mission, Jerry Goldsmith's Hoosiers, among others. Additional music recorded during the making of the film was released under Dexter Gordon's name as The Other Side of Round Midnight (1986)." Round Midnight (soundtrack) (Wikipedia)

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Monday, October 09, 2017

Who Is Lief Eriksson?

Lief Erikson via Chicago Tribune - Tuesday was Leif Erikson Day in Illinois schools — or not

By Kay Thayer, Oct. 12, 2016

READ: Ten fascinating facts about the statue of Leifur Eiríksson by Magnús Sveinn Helgason | Nov 2 2015 Iceland Magazine

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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Thoughts and Prayers and N.R.A. Funding

Thoughts and Prayers and N.R.A. Funding by David Leonhardt, Ian Prasad Philbrick and Stuart A. Thompson, The New York Times Oct. 4, 2017

Saturday, September 30, 2017

16 Female Discoveries and Inventions That Were Credited to Men

Ada Lovelace via

16 Female Discoveries and Inventions That Were Credited to Men - Here's to women finally getting the recognition they deserve. By Rachel Epstein, Sep 16, 2017 Harper's Bazaar

Friday, September 22, 2017

Autumn Equinox

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time

It's the first day of Autumn, although it's starting to feel like heavenly Indian summer (Visit: Indian Summer: What, Why, and When - What Is an Indian Summer? from The Old Farmer's Almanac). Today, I'm going to attempt making mock salmon rillettes and crème fraîche. All I need is crostini bread to go with that. Enjoy the harvest!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Facebook to Turn Over Russian-Linked Ads to Congress

Facebook to Turn Over Russian-Linked Ads to Congress by Scott Shane and Mike Issac, September 21, 2017 the New York Times

Image via Facebook built an AI system that learned to lie to get what it wants by Dave Gershgorn June 14, 2017 QZ