Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mayor de Blasio Proposes Budget of $84.7 Billion

Via NYT: "...The mayor cited threats by President Trump and other Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, pare support for social services and public housing, change the way schools are financed and retaliate against so-called sanctuary cities that resist a crackdown on illegal immigrants.

"But he said that none of those possibilities were reflected in the preliminary budget because it was still unclear which, if any, would occur.

(...)"The mayor also announced that the city’s 10-year capital spending plan would increase to $89.6 billion, from $83.8 billion two years ago. That includes money for school construction, accounting for more than 38,000 new classroom seats, and long-term plans to upgrade a training center for the Police Department and to repair hundreds of roofs in public housing buildings.

"In his initial presentation, Mr. de Blasio did not mention the city’s homelessness crisis, which has become a major vulnerability for him as he has struggles to find a way to care for a record number of people flooding into city shelters." Read the article: Mayor de Blasio Proposes Budget of $84.7 Billion by J. David Goodman and William Neuman, January 24, 2017 The New York Times

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"...The current crisis requires bigger, bolder solutions, and Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi is proposing one. It’s a plan to create a statewide rental subsidy to help families on public assistance stay in their homes. The program, called Home Stability Support, would help bridge the gap between the shelter allowance for public assistance recipients and market rents. Families who face eviction or are forced to move because of domestic violence or hazardous living conditions need a sturdy bridge to permanent housing. But existing aid often isn’t enough to help them avoid the shelter trap." A Bold Plan to Prevent Homelessness by the editorial board, January 23, 2017 The New York Times

Via NYDailyNews: "The de Blasio administration is struggling to stem the city’s relentless rise in homelessness — up 6% since the mayor took office in January." Homelessness increases under de Blasio administration by Jennifer Fermino, August 22, 2014, New York Daily News

"(...) The point is, New York is blessed with more wealth, intelligence and know-how than any city in the world. Why should any child here be homeless?" Business leaders can help fix homelessness in the city - Cuomo, de Blasio should seek fresh ideas from outside of government. By Karen Hinton, Nov. 6, 2016