Thursday, February 16, 2017

Le Pen: French Jews Will Have to Give Up Israeli Citizenship

Image: French Marianne Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu in Fort Saganne

Marine Le Pen wants everyone to know Russia is Europe while Israel is not, that in her France, yarmulkes and hijabs will not be accepted, and anyone with French dual citizenship with non-European countries must renounce it.

Via Haaretz: "In a France ruled by the far-right Marine Le Pen, Jewish citizens will be forced to give up their Israeli citizenship, the Front National party leader said on Thursday." Le Pen: French Jews Will Have to Give Up Israeli Citizenship - Leading contender in French election tells interviewer she won't allow dual citizenships with non-European countries. Asked specifically about Jews and Israel, she said: 'Israel isn't an EU member.' By Roni Bar, Haaretz 10.02.20

Via JTA — "Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right National Front party, said she favored making it illegal to be a dual citizen of France and other countries outside Europe – including Israel and the United States.

"Le Pen, who according to some polls is the leading candidate in France’s presidential elections in May, spoke about dual French-Israeli nationality in replying to a question Thursday during a two-hour interview on the France 2 television channel.

"Nearly an hour into the interview, the French-Lebanese journalist Lea Salame asked Le Pen to “clarify” certain aspects of her plan to outlaw dual nationality in France for French citizens who are also nationals of non-European countries.

"Asked whether this applied to Russia, which is in Europe but is not a member of the European Union, Le Pen said: “You know very well I want a Europe of nations and Russia belongs to it,” Le Pen said.

"Le Pen then was asked whether her plan was to make it impossible for Moroccans and Americans to have dual passports, while allowing it for Russians.

"“Yes, that’s what it’s like in Germany,” Le Pen responded.

"“Does your Europe extend to Israel, and let me clarify: Will you demand that French Jews renounce their Israeli dual citizenship?” Salame asked, to which Le Pen replied: “Israel is not a European country and I see that Israel itself accepts this assertion and opinion. So I’m against dual nationality outside Europe.”" Marine Le Pen: No more dual nationalities for Israelis, Americans and other non-Europeans - February 10, 2017 

Via Tablet: "Earlier this week, the far-right leader reiterated her longstanding support for banning the wearing of yarmulkes in public spaces, as part of an overall ban on religious (mostly Muslim) attire. “The struggle against radical Islam should be a joint struggle and everyone should say, ‘there, we are sacrificing something,’” she told Israel’s Channel 2. “Maybe they [Jews] will do with just wearing a hat [instead of a yarmulke], but it would be a step in the effort to stamp out radical Islam in France.” Conveniently, Le Pen has never called to ban wearing crosses in public, having previously claimed that “the Catholic religion doesn’t have conspicuous symbols.”" Why Marine Le Pen Wants to Ban French Jews from Wearing Yarmulkes and Having Dual Israeli Citizenship - Latent anti-Semitism and a desire to marginalize Muslims are driving the far-right presidential candidate to ensnare Jews in her policies. By Yair Rosenberg, February 10, 2017

Added at 9:44 AM via The Jerusalem Post: "Israel feels a deep connection to Europe, but should remember that its affection for Europe has a lot in common with Stockholm Syndrome. Israel considers itself part of the Western cultural tradition, and of course it is; along with Greece, it is the birthplace of the Western cultural tradition. Israel should remember that it is much less a product of European culture than Europe is a product of Israeli and Judean culture." Moving Israel from Europe to Asia - As more and more West European Jews make aliya, western Europe’s tech industries will take comparable hits. By Joshua Gelernter, 19 Jan 2015 The Jerusalem Post