Monday, February 13, 2017

RIP Al Jarreau

Alwin Lopez Jarreau
(March 12, 1940 – February 12, 2017)

From Al Jarreau's Twitter: "We ask that no flowers or gifts are sent. A donation page has been set up for Wisconsin Foundation for School Music."

From Wisconsin Foundation for School Music: "Milwaukee-born and raised, Al Jarreau is internationally acclaimed for his ability to sing many styles, his scat singing and his talent of taking on the character of guitar and percussion, all with his versatile and soulful voice. Jarreau has topped the music sales charts with more than 20 albums. He is the only vocalist in history to have Grammy Awards in the 3 categories of jazz, pop, and R&B. Jarreau’s Grammy earnings now total seven, along with a nomination for the theme song from the ever-popular TV show, Moonlighting. Al Jarreau continues to tour the world and delight audiences, while also tirelessly working to promote the importance of keeping music and arts opportunities alive for children everywhere!"

Donate now in Al Jarreau's honor to Wisconsin Foundation for School Music: