Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Victoria's Secret Intense

If you love tropical scents as I do, you must try this fragrance. If it reminds you of coconut-based Bath & Body Works body mists, it might be because both Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works are owned by L Brands (which begs the question, which Henri Bendel brand fragrance might resemble PINK?). If you like BBW Honolulu Sun and VS Coconut Passion, you'll love Intense eau de parfum by Victoria's Secret. To me, it smells of pineapples and sweet coconut, plus some full-bodied yet cool, aquatic melange of white florals, spice and fruit -- melon or banana? It's musky the way pikake can smell to me, but otherwise a clean aroma, like shampoo.

Perfume lovers often shun the shampoo-scented fragrances as smelling cheap, but I'm often a sucker for these kinds of blends. Also, I don't care if Victoria's Secret hasn't hired any Asian models, I still love this perfume. It's like I'd rather see Scarlett Johansson play a Japanese character on screen than a less appealing Asian just to "be fair." I guess when they find someone exceptional like Miiko Taka, we'll talk. Smell good, lovelies. πŸ’‹

P.S. I love that Intense is the name of the fragrance, and it's not a flanker, lol. 😎