Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bath & Body Works At the Beach

Hmm...Bath & Body Works At the Beach actually smells like CB I Hate Perfume At the Beach 1966 if I recall correctly. This is definitely a Coppertone suntan lotion / sunblock type of coconut-pineapple smell, literally beachy but also musky and punchy (as in strong πŸ‘Š) with a sharp, almost spicy quality to the creamy, milky-woodsy, mildly warm musk in the base (reminds me faintly of Burberry The Beat or BBW Twilight Woods). I love it, but since it's a bit brusque and not as gourmand (sweet) as I prefer my coconuts, I think a small perfume spray (and it says "perfume" and means it) will last me awhile. I can smell it potently when applied lightly to just one pulse point. If you want a scent that epitomizes that beachy air, At the Beach is the seasonal fragrance to get! πŸ’ͺ

Edited to add: The suntan lotion scent comes from the musky note which I just figured out was a skin cream scent, like Nivea. I'm not crazy about applying perfume that smells like lotion, but I can see how the "skin musk scent" evokes warm skin and sand in this composition (which, reminds me, is beachy in a way like Coty Sand & Sable).

Edited to add: The dry down stage is pure monoi: tuberose, gardenia, jasmine. Heady, long-lasting and amazingly enough, floral yet still coconutty. It's like Bond No.9 Chinatown but nicer because beachy means more tropical.

Edited to add: The dry down is deep and incensey, sweet with vanilla and tropical florals, like a scent I used to buy from local fragrance oil vendors called "black coconut". Through it all, I love this scent from the first hit of fresh beach air to the unexpected darker turn.

Edited on June 5: The fragrance mist is much lighter, more like sea spray than monoi, but just as beachy. Should I disclose how many bottles of this addictive scent I've stockpiled?