Friday, May 05, 2017

City Island Theater Group presents The Philadelphia Story (Final weekend 5/3-5/5!)

This is the final weekend of CITG’s acclaimed production of the classic romantic comedy, The Philadelphia Story. Originally premiering on Broadway in 1939, starring legendary leading lady Katharine Hepburn, who later starred in the popular film adaptation, The Philadelphia Story is a timeless love story filled with charm, wit, laughs and champagne! A first rate cast delivers an evening of pure entertainment that will leave you beaming with joy.

Don’t miss CITG’s take on this great show.

~ Starring ~

Casey Marie Ecker
(Tracy Lord)

Jean Eifert
(Margaret Lord)

Claudia Kimmel
(Dinah Lord)

Bob Livingston

Robert McEvily
(Alexander (Sandy) Lord)

Joseph Montano
(William (Uncle Willy) Lord)

Greg Morra
(C.K. Dexter Haven)

Robert Mulroy
(Seth Lord)

Elizabeth Paldino
(Liz Imbrie)

Stephen Pearce
(Macaulay (Mike) Connor)

Frances Suro

Thomas Worden
(George Kitteredge)

Directed by Amanda Livingston Martin