Friday, May 26, 2017

Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion

There's going to be a slew of these VS and BBW fragrance reviews here because that's what happens when these stores have a clearance sale. You can safely expect mall stores to carry mall scents, products that are easily accessible to all, and can fit into our daily lifestyle with as little distraction as possible. Body mists, which are comprised of less percentage of fragrance oil mixed into an alcoholic base than eau de toilette or cologne, are made to be pleasant-smelling and light enough to liberally spray on after a shower. Depending on the particular scent, the formula can still be strong or weak in terms of which notes tend to stay in people's noses long after smelling it. As much as I loved Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion, the scent was based in a baby oil-type musk, which combined with the sweet vanilla gave it a sumptuous, almost tactile presence, a spoiled bratty richness similar to Love's Baby Soft, an American drugstore icon.

Victoria's Secret has stifled the outrageous hedonism and given Coconut Passion a makeover. This time, the original composition is as streamlined as the new one-look-fits-all packaging, sans visually pretty flowers, sans warm and suggestive musk, and audaciously interwoven with a sporty, calone-y, floral note. The combination makes the scent less perfumey and more perfumey at the same time. It's less perfumey because even though it's still a heavy Oriental vanilla fragrance, it's lighter without the musk, as well as missing that subtle yummy spiciness, too, like angel food cake. Simultaneously it's more flowery-smelling, and, ya, in that Axe sort of way, which translates to scented deodorant, which translates to perfume. So, while I like that it smells more like Rihanna Reb'l Fleur now, which is to say less Oriental, more Chypre, somewhat low-pitched, obnoxious and intense either way, I'm still more of a rich, warm vanilla musk person than a bold, sharp woody floral one. I still like it, but nothing like austerity makes me miss the original, cloudy sweet and delectable formula as much as I do now.

Edited to add: The aqueous note smells like watermelon-flavored Jolly Rancher candies at the start. I like the initial combination with coconut water and the overall caramel-buttery sweetness.