Friday, June 23, 2017

Donald Trump, Pepe the frog, and white supremacists: an explainer

I wish I'd read about the Alt-Right on Hillary Clinton's web site sooner. I missed all the election news that could've illuminated the mystery.

The "OK" emoji 👌 and hand signal has a double meaning in the Alt-Right context for "WP," which stands for white power. This sign is sometimes referred to as a Satanic symbol. It's no surprise that everything in this movement is about doublespeak, or passive-aggressive, undercover communication.

Like Polandball, this frog is a motif for white supremacists to create comic strips and saleable goods around. I don't think all of them are LGBT, but maybe the people who went after Hillary are afraid of being outed. READ Donald Trump, Pepe the frog, and white supremacists: an explainer - That cartoon frog is more sinister than you might realize. September 12, 2016 by Elizabeth Chan |


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(...)"From 2008 onward, the term has been used to refer to a type of white identity politics that believes in racialism (the need to divide humanity into racial groups) and rejects American conservatism for being a “cuckold movement” (a cuckold is a man whose wife sleeps with other men; likewise, in the alt-right telling of the story, white conservatives are wrongfully “in bed with” other races, not only sexually, but socially, culturally, and politically)." An Evangelical Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right June 22, 2017

(...)"Jon Stone, in The Guardian, called it a "swelling of vicious right-wing sentiment" and compared it to the men's rights movement.[137]  Commentators such as Jon Stone, Liana Kerzner and Ryan Cooper have said that the controversy is being exploited by right-wing voices and by conservative pundits who had little interest in gaming.[137][141][88]  Chrisella Herzog states that in addition to violent sexism, Gamergate has virulent strains and violent sentiments of homophobia, transphobia, anti-Semitism, racism, and neo-Nazism.[80]  Some in the gamergate movement went on to be part of the alt-right." Gamergate controversy - Wikipedia

"Longtime LGBTQ organizer Scot Nakagawa has been fighting white nationalist movements for over 30 years, now as a senior partner at ChangeLab, a think tank on racial justice. Says Nakagawa, "We have to remember that even racist white gay men are still very vulnerable to discrimination" because they're gay. "When one is under attack"—not by phantom Muslims, but by real, neighborhood gaybashers—"one picks up whatever shields one can,"even shields like racism that will not fight the true threat. In Donovan's writing, it's clear that what he's terrified of most is "weakness," especially male weakness. (He notes that he feels "disgusting" if he doesn't train in a gym "for more than a few days.")" How the Alt-Right Is Using Sex and Camp to Attract Gay Men to Fascism - Queer people are not immune to fascist impulses. By Donna Minkowitz, June 5, 2017 Slate

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