Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Meet the Proud Boys, the Chauvinists Providing 'Security' at a Right-wing Event Near You

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The new Alt-Right / Alt-Light group acts like Westboro Baptist Church when they storm public places and get filmed without a permit amongst the people they set out to provoke on camera (assuming these people are strangers to the provocateurs, not actors). It's an obnoxious precedent set by the fringe groups to justify free speech through aggressive bullying tactics, all for show.

Are they Nazis? Anything seems possible disguised as a joke.

Via Haaretz: "For all their anti-immigrant sentiment, the group devotes a lot of its online activity to arguing that it’s not a white-supremacist outfit. McInnes has posted a video called “Why We Don’t Let Nazis in Proud Boys,” but the arguments can be unconvincing. For example, McInnes starts by saying "I would like to make it clear that the Nazis don’t exist. The KKK is not storming through your campus calling people the N-word, the noose on your professor’s door was not put there by a Nazi. All those hate crimes you see are hoaxes .... Even the smoking guns you have, like that Sieg Heil they did [for Trump in November], you know those people were kidding, right?”"

READ Meet the Proud Boys, the Chauvinists Providing 'Security' at a Right-wing Event Near You - The leaders of the new group, among them Vice founder Gavin McInnes, say they're just fun-loving guys, but a racism monitor describes them as a 'fight club' seeking clashes with leftists. By Taly Krupkin 19.06.2017 Haaretz

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