Sunday, June 04, 2017

Victoria's Secret Pink Sunset

This is a new fragrance that was introduced recently as part of the 2017 collection of summer scents. Pink Sunset features notes of watermelon, coconut and rum. I smell the watermelon, but it's not a high-pitched, aqueous sport scent like Davidoff Cool Water. Combined with a watery coconut note and a deep and meditative woodsy base, the watermelon blend is sweet at first, mildly creamy like fruit-flavored toffee, with emphasis on a smoky sandalwood base for a comforting, "just came out of the sauna" warmth that lasts well through the day.

The fragrance resembles Beyonce Heat (or Heat Rush), but not as orange+musk. Pink Sunset has a woodier dry down with a note that's closer to Tom Ford Black Orchid but lighter, and to my nose not bitter at all without patchouli, and no rum like the list of notes suggested. As deep and rich as woods may be, this is not so intense, radiating an aura that's soft and warm, pleasant and peaceful. At the end of the day, it is VS and it smells pink, borne of a simple combination of notes that works at the dauntingly simple task of smelling nice, which, to me, olfactorily speaking, could mean both energizing and relaxing at once.