Saturday, July 22, 2017

New York Crossings Project

New York Crossings Project - Published on Oct 5, 2016 by NYGovCuomo on You Tube

October 5, 2016, New York City - Governor Cuomo announced a transformational plan to reimagine New York's crossings for the 21st century. The plan will institute state-of-the-art automatic tolling at all MTA bridges and tunnels – reducing traffic congestion and decreasing emissions to improve the overall travel experience for millions of residents and visitors in New York State. (Video credit: Campbell Ewald, Versus, Ned Kahn, Grimshaw Architects, L'Observatoire International)

Colorful Lights Are Turning Skyscrapers Into Tacky Billboards - As LED technology makes it cheaper to illuminate buildings, cities are becoming experimental spaces for an ancient form of visual communication—and not always for the better. By Adrienne LaFrance Jan 25, 2016 The Atlantic 

Cuomo Unveils Plan to Transform City Bridges with Lighting Displays by Jose Martinez, October 5, 2016 NY1

"The Cuomo administration said the $216 million figure was just a placeholder — and that, though lights will be gracing MTA bridges, the MTA won’t pick up the bill.

"“The funding of these lights are not an MTA issue,” Lhota told the Daily News.

"Cuomo spokeswoman Dani Lever said, “The mayor should know the facts before speaking. The MTA will not pay for the Harbor of Lights proposal — period.” 

"“It is an economic development and energy-efficiency proposal that would be paid for by” Empire State Development and the New York Power Authority." Cuomo, de Blasio spar over fancy MTA bridge lights by Jillian Jorgensen NEW YORK DAILY NEWS July 20, 2017