Thursday, July 13, 2017

UNESCO recognizes Tomb of the Patriarchs as Palestinian heritage site

Any day now, UNESCO and The Catholic Church should declare Hebron as a Greco-Roman site for its Hellenistic roots, and Japan's men-only island where the sacred bathing ritual takes place, a Roman bathhouse. Jews and Japanese share more than a traditional mikvah; the Jewish home which is also home to Arabs is called by a Roman name, as Japan is called by the Chinese name. The Church has been trolling Jews for 2000 years, and when they say they won't stop until every Jew accepts Christ, they mean it.

I also feel there's been an unusual amount of focus given to phallic symbolism since the Trump administration took office. Weren't most of these religions written to promote the psychological well-being of warriors?

From "The UN’s Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has recognized the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron as a World Heritage Site, approving a request by the Palestinian Authority.

"Israeli had strongly opposed the Palestinian request, but a majority of UNESCO committee members voted in its favor, recognizing the “Palestinian site.”

"The Tomb of the Patriarchs is recognized by Jews as the burial site of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. For Muslims the Ibahimi Mosque is located on the site." UNESCO recognizes Tomb of the Patriarchs as Palestinian heritage site - July 10, 2017

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"Hebron, located in the Judean hills south of Jerusalem, is the site of the oldest Jewish community in the world, dating back to Biblical times. Today, Hebron is home to some 250,000 Palestinians and approximately 700 Jews. An additional 6,000 Jews live in the adjacent community of Kiryat Arba.

"Hebron (Al-Khalil in Arabic) is located 32 kilometers south of Jerusalem and is built on several hills and wadis, most of which run north- to-south. The Hebrew word Hebron is explained as being derived from the Hebrew word for friend (haver), a description for the Patriarch Abraham. The Arabic Al- Khalil,literally the friend, has a nearly identical derivation and also refers to Abraham (Ibrahim), whom Muslims similarly describe as the friend of God. Hebron is one of the oldest continually occupied cities in the world, and has been a major focus of religious worship for over two millenia."

"It is noteworthy that while Hebron was in Muslim hands, Jews were often barred from their holy site and subject to pogroms by their Arab neighbors. But after coming under Israeli control in 1967, both Jews and Muslims share access to the shrine."