Sunday, December 10, 2017

Top Fragrance Favorites 2017 & Season's Greetings

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I can't remember what perfume or body mist I put in this unlabeled rollerball I found, but I've been wearing it. It could be Chopard Wish or the now rare & discontinued Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Hot, Delices eau Fruitee de Cartier or Avril Lavigne Black Star. It could very well be a Bond No. 9 scent, named for a neighborhood I can't recall. Most likely, it's not one of my Bath & Body Works mists that lately I find too harshly aqueous (sporty scents perform better in the heat), but in a whiff it resembles Tutti Dolci White Mocha Kiss (and it must be noted Honolulu Sun still rocks my world; piña coladas for life!). The spirited floral fruity patchouli composition could be Vera Wang Princess, or any one of a billion Thierry Mugler Angel clones that are supposed to smell like Alsatian Christmas. I shouldn't have been so cocky as to think I'd recognize a long lost fragrance forever. Tastes change. Memories can also change over time. I'm not talking frogs-on-atrazine-level drastic change, though that can happen to some people as well...but that change is part of life.

The holidays are here, just 2 sundowns till Hanukkah and a fortnight till Christmas. I'm almost done buying gifts for my kids, and can't help but reflect on the big changes this year, like my son transposing every note of his favorite melodies to sing an octave down, or my daughter trading in her love of vivid Jeffree Star palettes for more subdued tones inspired by "Gigi Hadid runway looks." I've eschewed more perfumes in favor of Chanel lipsticks, myself. Adrienne is my top choice, and I don't think I'll find a better your-lips-but-better neutral brown shade (or a better quality lipstick), anywhere ever again, but I sure felt the same way about those ubiquitous woody florals that were both seemingly gentle yet increasingly brusque, once upon a time.

I will leave you with one last holiday suggestion before I present my 2017 Top Fragrance list of favorites. The only way to tolerate Limoncello liqueur, which is VERY medicinal-tasting, not what I was expecting, is with copious amounts of milk and honey. I will not go as far as to say locusts would taste better. I added the mixture to coffee, and voila, I ended up with something akin to lemony tiramisu or a Nikoleshka drink, which I'm not even sure if there are still places that serve it in the Village cafè where some new-ish immigrant date, on a date that went nowhere, once took me. In retrospect, maybe those are the best ones.

Here's what I enjoyed the most this year:

Bath & Body Works Honolulu Sun
Bath & Body Works Summer Coconut
This scent I'm wearing...which I just figured out is most likely:
Bond No. 9 Bryant Park. OK, so I AM good.

They're mostly cheapies this year! But a variety of mists, soaps and shower gels add up over time, too. What I gleaned the most from this year is that I'd MUCH rather consume nice things than fall prey to anti-consumerist trends, some of which are quite scary. I wasn't wrong about those posters on makeup forums having a political bend, what with their no-buy abstinence programs on commercial boards, and countless suggestions to appreciate libertine France and music and books unsolicited. It still feels like the way it was described by the author of Magic and Loss (which I haven't read but seems like a veritable new The Fountainhead), Virginia Heffernan, in this New York Magazine article entitled, Commie Chic; so appropos, it seems. Yet, authoritarian tactics to sell ideas don't work too well here, at least not forever. Shoulda known this is the WORLD wide web, but onwards.

Happy shopping! Thanks to the GREAT ladies who said, "More is more!" and Earth, Wind & Fire who sang, "Stay young at heart!" And do share this season with loved ones!